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Hi everyone – I’m April 🙂 I’m currently studying for my CPT and just recently started working as a Personal Trainer. I LOVE to cook & make healthy recipes – it’s weirdly therapeutic for me! I’ve been a Jessie’s Girl for 3 years now and it’s been literally life-changing. With Jessie’s programs, I’ve found a way to make some of my favorite foods fit my macros, and I know that at the end of the day, I can still reach my goals without deprivation or restriction. I’ve found a way to live this life without worrying all the time! Purchasing my very first JG program (hollllaaaa MB1) has been the best investment I’ve ever made for myself.

  • WIFE

“Be scared and do it anyway!”

bagel & protein shake (noms!)
egg whites, diced potatoes, and white rice or chex with protein milk

MB1, MB2, BB2, HE

Captain Crunch. Because if anything is worth scraping top of my mouth & leaving my gums and tongue super raw, it’s this!