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Brooke Carter

I am a 4O-something (😂) mom of 4 and bonus mom to 3 more! I work full time, so needless to say my life is busy!! For years I struggled to find the motivation to stick with a training program. I’ve had bad experiences in my past that had put me off of fitness. Going to extreme measures to “be thin” and even struggled with an eating disorder. To find a program that encourages you to EAT and eat carbs was definitely new to me!! Embracing these programs and this incredible community of women has been life changing. Jessie said it best when she said “you’re glowing brighter and stronger than ever”. It’s like a light switch turned on and I found a way to love myself again. ❤️❤️❤️ I strive to help other women have this realization and to learn to love where they are at in their journey.

  • Certified Pilates Instructor


  • IIN Health Coach

Happiness is a choice–”Valerie Bertinelli”

Gluten-free bagel with egg whites

Gluten-free cereal and protein