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Crystal Cook


I’m a wife, mother of 3 boys, (who are always hungry and playing sports), and a fine artist by trade. I feel a very real responsibility to be a role model for my boys of living a healthy and active lifestyle, but it’s also important to me that they grow up knowing that women are strong and powerful, as well as tender and nurturing. Throughout my life I’ve struggled to find balance with over exercising and under eating, through Jessie and her programs I have finally found that balance that I know I can maintain for life. I’m passionate about encouraging women to eat enough, and train hard while celebrating being a strong, powerful woman along the way! I’ve always been active in some way, from running marathons and training horses, to dance classes and Tae Kwon Do, but I never felt like I had really found what was made for me until I started lifting weights. I absolutely love it and look forward to every training session! With a few exceptions of course haha! (Bulgarian split squats I’m looking at you!) In whatever spare time I have as a busy mom, wife, and small business owner I love to read, sketch or draw, go hiking, play games with my family, play with my dogs, marathon watch Stranger Things, and buy way too much active wear online.

“She conquered her demons. And wore her scars like wings. “

Protein shake and an English muffin with sugar free jam
Protein shake and an Everything flavored bagel
MB1, MB2, BB1, HE