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Crystal Kemp

I am a 30 year old mama of 6 boys, yes you read that right 6, ranging from 10-2 years old! I was born in New Jersey but grew up in and currently live in Clearwater, FL. I love the beach and pretty much all things outside by the water or camping. I’m competitive, yet loving, passionate and sarcastic. I have a passion for helping women find their inner warrior!

In 2019 I came across a flex with Jessie challenge email, I JUMPED ON IT. I was 100% in it for the competition. It was the first Jessie’s Girls experience I had and it fed my passion to see women have aha moments and find strength physically and mentally. Inwardly I was dealing with severe depression, an eating disorder that started at 14, and a drinking problem. That challenge pushed me to find healing in so many areas of my life. It has taken time, patience and consistency, but I have learned to love where I’m at and listen to my body. I can’t wait to watch and help you with your own journey becoming a badass Jessie’s Girl Warrior!


If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the
benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known – “Matthew Arnold”

Cafe Latte Premier Protein poured over Rice Chex

Chicken tacos! Corn tortillas, grilled chicken, sharp cheddar and a splash of siracha!

Mb1 I love the basic movements and the strength it builds!