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Danielle Ames

Here we go, folks…I grew up in a small (population 3,000 small) town in southeastern Idaho called Soda Springs. I completed my schooling at Utah State University and Weber State University. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in nursing. I have been working my dream job as an RN in the Newborn ICU for the last 5 years. It is literally the best job in the entire world. I recently got married this year, so I spend a lot of time being a wife and dog mom. I also love hiking, cooking, skiing, traveling, eating & the occasional Netflix binge. Here I am today 85 pounds lighter from my heaviest weight and happier and more confident than I have ever been. I love everything about Jessie and her programs. I love sharing my passion for these programs with everyone, and I love the ever-changing world of fitness and the happiness it brings me!


“She loved life, & it loved her right back.”

My fitness life has been a long, hard road with lots of ups downs. Remember how I said above that I was a total nerd? Well that meant that I was never super active. I was always overweight for as long as I can remember. I knew I had issues, but I did not realize how bad things had become until one day I realized I was 20 years old and weighed over 250 pounds. I did not want to be that person anymore. I got myself a gym membership and started making the changes I needed to make to get my life back on track. I was hooked right away with working out, but as I tested out several different methods for losing weight (endless cardio, “clean” eating, restrictive dieting, etc.), I became so miserable. It was when I found Jessie a year and a half ago that my love for fitness was reignited. I began following her on Instagram and then finally decided to jump on board with her programs. They have literally changed my life. I love that I can eat ALL the food and do workouts that I love. I love that I don’t have to skip outings with family and friends anymore. I can live life to the fullest and not worry about ruining all my results.

The JG staple: cereal w/ a protein shake
Egg white omelet, a bagel with fat-free blueberry cream cheese & fresh fruit
MB1, MB2, BB1, BB2, HE
Captain Crunch Sprinkled Donut Crunch cereal hands down. There’s nothing better in this world than donuts (especially ones with sprinkles), and there’s obviously no one else in this world better than me. (Haha!) Donuts bring happiness to all and make everything better, and that is what I’m working towards-making life awesome for everyone I meet!