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Erin Montgomery


I am a 37 year old, mom of one, living in Metairie, Louisiana. I was born in New Orleans, but I have lived all over the country from Colorado to Georgia. After moving around a lot in my twenties, I settled back in Metairie when I was about 25. When I moved back home, I was in a very unhealthy place. For the first time in my life I was nearly 200 pounds. I was fighting depression and was eating my feelings nightly in the form of pints of Ben & Jerry’s. About two years later I met the man that turned my whole life around. My now husband introduced me to the gym and the fitness lifestyle, and the rest as they say is history. I educated myself on everything from proper lifting technique to macros over the next seven years. Once I started educating myself on macros and nutrition I realized I had found my passion.

Near the end of 2015 I was in a rut when it came to meal prep and planning. While trying to work through that I found Jessie and the Jessie’s Girls Facebook group. Finding the group as been life changing for me, it’s like I an home. Never in my life have I ever been a part of anything so inspiring, encouraging, motivating or supporting. It is like I have finally found a place where I belong, where I fit and where I can share all of the knowledge that I have gained over the last nine years.I want to share everything I can with every woman that finds themselves on this same journey to a healthy lifestyle so that they too can see that it is possible to change your life! It is possible to be fit and healthy, while finding balance in your life. I strive to show women how they can attain this balance in their lives too and eat all the yummy food that comes along with it!


“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

Extra lean ground beef or chicken, jasmine rice, a small amount of broccoli and low fat/sugar dressing (trust me)
Engligh muffin with egg whites, sugar free raspberry jam and a laughing cow cheese wedge