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Nearly my whole life I lived by the belief that to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, a person has to eat fewer calories and do lots of cardio with some weight training thrown in for “toning”. So that’s what I mostly did. I married young and started having babies soon after. Each of my eight pregnancies and deliveries were easy…longest labor was five hours with my first; shortest was about 40 minutes with my last! Between pregnancies I usually got back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but never got really firm or muscular. After my last baby, I was in a position to get a gym membership at the YMCA where there was child care and the kids could come with me. That is where I developed my love for lifting and challenging myself. I always talked about competing someday and my then husband would say, “You have to spend 3-4 hours in the gym every day and you can’t do that because you are a mother.” After hearing that so often, I just stopped talking about it and the dream died. A few years later, I enrolled in a boot camp class and got really strong and loved the challenge of every class. We moved to Baker City Oregon where there is a gym, but no boot camp classes, so I just began to lift again.

Five years ago, I discovered that my husband was cheating on me. That threw me into a downward spiral and I lost all my weight and hit a low of 116 pounds. (I don’t eat when I am stressed.) After two years of trying to fix our marriage I knew it wasn’t going to work, so I filed for divorce. After that, I remember seeing Jessie’s ads on Facebook or when I was Googling something…the ads just kept popping up and finally I opened one and started reading about the programs and seeing progress pictures and wondering if this was something I could do. I tried a lot of other programs, so I was skeptical but she just kept popping up in front of me, so I caved and bought the MB1 program.

That was two and a half years ago. It was a lot of trial and error, but I’ve never looked back. Boise camp in July 2016 was the first time I met Jessie face-to-face. I was scared, emotional, and going into it, I felt intimidated because I was still fluffy and I was old! My first thought was, “What am I doing here with all these young girls?” But Jessie put me at ease immediately with her smile and her welcoming hug and she still does. She taught us how to lift to get the most benefit from our time in the gym, but nutrition has been the key to my success. I went from eating less than 1,000 calories/day to eating around 2,200 when I completed my reverse diet. The more I eat, the better my time in the gym is and the more detailed I am with my nutrition, the better my body responds.

In December 2016, we lost our 24-year old daughter and her unborn baby in a car accident. During this time, Jessie’s girls from all over the world rallied around me and my family with prayers, love, gifts, messages and support. I will forever be grateful for this amazing group of women. Then on May 24 I got a FaceTime call from Jessie, asking me to become a Jessie’s Girls Ambassador. Now I can give back to the women who so freely and selflessly gave to me in my time of need. I am truly blessed and honored!

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I drink a meal replacement/ protein shake and have a rice cake. It’s easy because I get ready for work at the gym and I can drink the shake while I’m getting ready.


Roll out of bed, put my contacts in then eat!! I almost always have Chex cereal with a scoop of protein and a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Creatine every day and pre workout only on leg days at the moment. Grab my bags and water and head to the gym, usually get there at 5:15-5:30.

MB1 x3, MB2 x2, BB1 x1, currently doing BB2️

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