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About 8 months into working out, my progress slowed. I was working with a trainer and loved lifting but was told for weight loss I needed to do more cardio and eat less. So every week my calories went away and my cardio increased. I still had no change in progress but I was feeling so tired and worn out. I had been following Jessie for a while since she was an awesome example of a strong woman with beautiful muscle. So, right away, when her Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building program came out I bought it and couldn’t wait. Here was what I had been looking for this whole time. I knew I could build muscle and lose fat and feel awesome while not starving myself and getting burned out on cardio. I was part of the very first girls who started the first round of Muscle Building and who were in the private Facebook group and have loved watching it grow. This has become such a passion of mine because I have been in such a tough place physically which spills over into mental and emotional struggles. I was very overweight for years and two pregnancies on top of that did not help. I did not feel comfortable being around people because I felt like everyone was looking at me but I knew I needed a change.


“A workout should give you more than it takes out of you.”- Ivan Ivanov

After years of saying “this is just my body type” and “I’m big boned,” I realized I was making so many excuses out of fear of the hard work. I had a little toddler that I was too tired to play with because of my weight. So I needed to change. I went to the big and scary gym, wearing the biggest sweatshirt I could hide behind and took a step towards a new lifestyle and journey that has brought me a lot of happiness. I have so far lost about 70 pounds and am on the quest to hit the 100 pound mark. My journey is not over and does not have a finish line. I want to continue pushing myself, getting healthier and more conditioned, and continue to teach my kids to take care of themselves as they grow up. The hardest part is believing you can do it and I want to continue supporting women and letting them know they can.

MB1 multiple times, MB2, Bikini Body and I have Home Edition that I incorporate here and there on days when I cannot leave the house for my workout. They are all amazing!!!
To get out of the house before thinking! I grab my shake and go. I workout either after my early morning classes and clients, or on my days off usually around 6:00 am or earlier. So I just get up and mix my pre-workout drink (NLA for her uplift, creatine, and aminos) and get out the door. I’m usually feeling the caffeine and tingling of the beta alanine by the time I get to the gym and I’m ready to go. This is my absolute favorite time of day to workout. The gym is usually not busy yet and I get home around the time my kids are waking up. Finding time for my workout and time for myself has to be a priority and while I would LOVE more sleep, this is the only time of day I can workout where it is guaranteed to not get put off and possibly not done.
Protein pancakes. There are so many different brands and ways to make them that are easily customizable for individual macro goals. I like Kodiak cakes and I add a scoop of protein powder and top with some berries and sugar free syrup.

Frosted Mini Wheats. One of my favorites. I like it because you feel happy because of the yummy frosting coating which gives you your sweet tooth fix BUT little do you know you are getting a secret, sneaky serving of fiber. I like to think that I’m sweet and then finish things off with a little hidden dose of something you are needing….like a healthy serving of honesty. You’re welcome.