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Wife, mama, scientist, Jessie’s girl… finding balance between it all. I have my masters degree in Biological Sciences and work as a research scientist specializing in bone marrow derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have two fur babies and our new addition; our daughter Adeline.

I have been on quite the fit journey in my adult years, but in the last three, Jessie and the Jessie’s Girls programs have brought me back to life. I can eat all of the foods I love again, enjoy my family and special events without feeling anxious, and not push myself to extremes to lose body fat. I have learned to love my current physique, while still sculpting it.

I have enjoyed playing my small role in empowering women through Jessie’s Girls; it has been a privilege to be amongst such strong women, changing the fitness world. I am NASM certified and have a specialization in women’s fitness.

I love cooking and creating new recipes when I have time (and energy). Food is LIFE, and creating meals is meant to be fun!

  • Women’s fitness specialist

“Be Here Now”

I have always been pretty active as a gymnast, swimmer, and also as a “coach.” I was an un-official trainer of my younger brothers growing up, making them run sprint drills down the sidewalk, tree climbing, and push-ups/ sit-ups to “grow them” big and strong. I was also a gymnastics coach at my mom’s gym throughout high school. After a hiatus from fitness in college, I re-discovered my passion for health about 3 years ago… I was trapped doing low carb diets/under-fueling combined with overtraining (mostly cardio). It worked for a little while, but fell into the vicious cycle of cutting carbs and increasing my work load to overcome plateaus. I found Jessie’s Girls a year ago. In my time here, I’ve tripled my carb intake (from 70-100g a day to over 300g). I’ve learned that there should be no guilt surrounding food, and I no longer punish myself with extra cardio after having a yummy meal. I’ve rediscovered my love of cooking. I’ve learned that fitness doesn’t have to be a competition. We really are in this together! With Jessie’s Girls, I have been on a path to finding my best self; on a mission to create more self-love and confidence. I want to help people like Jessie helped me. I am recently NASM certified and on a mission to help empower women and change the industry.

For PM workouts- Rice, chicken, laughing cow and salsa! For AM workouts- Protein French toast!
Cereal and a protein shake
MB1, MB2, BB1, BB2, HE, PE
I would be a mix of two cereals. My goofy/quirky/hyper side would be fruity pebbles… colorful, sweet and tangy. My other side would be grape nuts. They may seem a little bland or simple, but they are really good for your insides (fiber, duh!). HAHA!