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Jocelyn McClellan


Fitness was not always my jam! Too many years I did not take care of me. 4 High risk pregnancies, 4 babies needing my attention, too many years I didn’t put any attention into myself created a body falling apart and a spirit declining. Fitness was the best thing I did for all of me and Jessie was my answer to so many tears and never understanding. My life is renewed- my soul is lifted- and Jessie is the core to all of that.


  • NASM CPT – TriggerPoint Therapy

“The Body Achieves what the Mind Believes”

When I got married we moved around a lot, I became a mom, and I let who I was be put on hold, all because of my choices, I never thought twice about it, I just thought I was doing my job, and that was being a mom and wife. I had followed Jessie for a long time but not until I attended her Jessie’s Girls Training Camp did I fully realize what her program and what she stood for encompassed. From then on, I knew Jessie’s programs and Girls was what I needed to get my body where it needed to be. Everywhere else I looked always talked about losing weight, although she helps a lot of people with that too, she made gaining weight healthily make sense and made me feel normal for needing to do so. I have loved every second of being a Jessie’s Girl. From the help Jessie gives, her caring-loving personality, her knowledge, to the amazing women who lift each other up on a daily basis and care for each other. This momma has learned that I can do anything I put my mind to, I just have to believe. I get to take care of my family even better now because I have the energy to do so and be the tough girl I always wanted to be.

Rice cereal and protein drink

Couscous and protein drink

MB1, BB2, HE

I would be 2 boxes rolled into one. Some Frosted Mini wheats with Rice Chex or Cinnamon Life Cereal with Crispex. I’ve always liked to mix my cereals since I was little. Guess it shows a little about my personality. Lil bit crazy, lil bit of sweet, lil bit of fun, with lil splash of quirk.

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