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Melissa Markowski

I am a 43-year-old mom to two incredible adult children, raising them is something I’m most proud of. I am married to my high school sweetheart. I have lived in NJ my whole life. I have been a stay-at-home mom since my first was born and now that they are older, I am focusing on my future.

I had both of my children in my early 20’s which led to a long journey of on again off again diets and tv aerobics. I was often sad because while girls my age were enjoying their youth, I already had stretch marks and saggy skin. I struggled for years with my weight, it was either of the two, overweight, or underweight, never any medium. Along my 20-year journey to find what works I did so many unhealthy things to feel good about myself, every fad diet out there I could find, I’d sign up, waste money, and be gone.

Leading up to 2014 I lost both in laws back-to-back within a year apart. When this happened our go to was pizza and donuts for weeks. From 2014-16 we moved 4 times just to find ourselves back home. Over the course of moves and stress I became someone I didn’t recognize.

2015 I found Jessies Girls, I was searching online to find something that would give me structure in the gym and teach me how to eat. I purchased Muscle Building 1, went to the gym and gave up again finding myself doing juice cleanses and pyramid schemes.

2019 is when the magic happened! I turned 40, completed my first 3k challenge, from there I have been doing JG’s programs back-to-back. I completely trusted the process, learned how to count macros, ate all the food, continued to lift heavy in the gym and couldn’t imagine I would be the woman I am today, happy, healthy, and grateful to the Jessie’s Girls community for being there for me to lead the way.

I have a new appreciation for “FOOD”


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough-“Mae West”

Soft pretzel/spicy mustard with decaf coffee filled with vanilla or chocolate premier protein, sounds a little gross, but soooooo good!!!! #iifym

I like to have a can of pineapple juice immediately after my workout, then when I get home organic pasta, pasta sauce, and grilled chicken

Bikini Body 2 – I love this program right after doing Muscle Building 1 which is also a favorite of mine, I have no specific reason besides it makes me FEEL bad ass in the gym!! I love the challenge of 6 days a week because a girl loves to eat!!!