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Rebecca Zanetis

As a kid I was always identified with being athletic. My dad and grandfather were both marathon runners and I admired their discipline to train for races. In my teens, I would use my parents’ workout equipment in the basement. I had no idea what I was doing but I loved the feeling of putting headphones on, cranking up the volume, and getting my heart rate up.

In college, I made a few attempts to get some kind of a routine going but nothing ever lasted very long. Once I graduated, my active job turned into a desk job and I gained 25lbs. I went through phases of overeating fast food to trying all kinds of extreme things to loose the weight. I definitely did not see myself as an athletic person anymore. More importantly, I didn’t like how I felt and looked physically or that I seemed unable to keep my promise to myself that I would get back into shape.

After years of floundering, I saw someone I knew post pictures from a body building show she had just competed in. She looked amazing and I wanted to know how she had done it! She told all about Jessie’s Girls! I bought my first program right away!

A few months later I found myself going through a really difficult time in my life. Thank goodness I had weightlifting and the Jessie’s Girls community to anchor me! I had finally found a kickass lifting program that was combined with a sustainable approach to eating that gave me results like no other! No only that, but the support and encouragement that I found in the Jessie’s Girls group allowed me to show up for myself in ways that I never had done previously; both in and out of the gym!


Trying to be perfect is an excuse not to do-“Gary Vaynerchuk”

Super basic!! Chex with a protein shake!

Waffles and protein coffee!

Bikini Body 2. I love the intensity of it and how the program is structured. It’s hard to pick a favorite though!