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Sarah Thompson


Hey, y’all! I teach middle school English and have been doing so for 7+ years! I love it! I also recently graduated with a Master’s in Educational Technology.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading and drooling over Real Simple magazine (hello, organization!), spending time with my loved ones, drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee (#coffeetimeallthetime), lifting weights, macro-ing (yes, it’s a verb), and being a part of the Jessie’s Girls community (my JG fam!) Like seriously, this sums up my life!

I found Jessie Hilgenberg in the summer of 2015, and she’s been stuck with me ever since! I LOVE IT! Previously, I was active in sports since high school but never stuck with anything and didn’t understand the science of lifting or proper form. I also didn’t know a thing about macros. Jessie’s programs transformed my relationship with food and helped me build muscle in a way that was realistic and sustainable. Her programs even helped me maintain much of my progress while recovering from shoulder surgery in 2017. Throughout it all, I also love that I can make the programs work with my busy, unpredictable teaching life! I feel like I’ve won the lottery, y’all!

  • Bachelor’s in Secondary Education: English
  • Master’s in Educational Technology

“I am a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.” -Dr. Maya Angelou

Frozen jasmine rice (from Trader Joe’s…so easy to prep and great texture!) + egg whites + low-fat shredded cheese + Chili Lime seasoning/hot sauce! – This meal is easy to throw together and full of flavor! It can be eaten cold too.
Pretzel bagel + plain Greek Yogurt + pita bread – This meal is even easier to grab and eat while leaving the gym! Also… #pretzelbagelsarelife