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Jessie’s Girls Camp

It’s back!! Are you ready…because we are!!

This is not a drill, people!! IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!! Think Buddy the Elf level excitement when he hears Santa is coming to Gimbels!! 😊 Jessie’s Girls Camp is a go!!


Join Jessie, the Am-badass-adors, and the all the other amazing women attending camp for a spectacular weekend (Friday night through Sunday morning) at Jessie’s Girls HQ in Reno, Nevada THIS August 26-28, 2022!


This Jessie’s Girls Camp is designed, programmed, and led by Jessie Hilgenberg and the incredible Jessie’s Girls ambassadors for all things form, nutrition, mindset, support, and community. Since 2013 we have been cultivating a space where women from every walk of life can come together to train, be inspired, supported, and uplifted in a community of women on a fitness and self-improvement journey.


Make new friendships and deepen existing ones all while learning the methods and techniques that create badass results in and out of the gym!


Know exactly how to perform important exercises and lifts with hands-on training from Jessie, how to calculate your macros, build meals that fit them, and when to make adjustments to keep progressing. You’ll leave camp focused and clear on your goals, having the knowledge you need to achieve them. You’ll definitely laugh (you may even cry) and, without a doubt, you’ll head home with a full heart and a head full of valuable information!


Jessie’s Girls Camp begins on Friday with an evening Meet & Greet mixer. Saturday’s activities and workshops will be located at Jessie’s Girls HQ, located in the heart of the Riverwalk District in downtown Reno. It will be a full day of game-changing seminars (with a break for lunch)! Then, after a life-changing day together, we’ll head out on the town for dinner (eating – our favorite) and a relaxing night out with laughs and fun! And, if you stay through Sunday afternoon, the weekend event also includes a Sunday session where we enjoy light morning snacks and zen out with a yoga and meditation session lead by Jessie, followed by a group hike in beautiful Reno/Lake Tahoe!

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August 26-28

Jessie's Girls Camp

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IT WAS AMAZING! Meeting Jessie was surreal for me. She is my fitness idol and here I was about to learn from her and train with her for an entire weekend! Writing this makes me emotional as that weekend truly has changed me. She literally opened my eyes to so much both in the aspects of training and nutrition. She is one of the most genuine, real, down to earth people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have made forever friends and formed bonds that only a fellow Jessie’s Girl would or could possibly understand. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her camps then DO IT!!! It was the best decision ever and I will absolutely be signing up to go again next year!

– Lisa

An unforgettable experience! I just love Jessie’s positive energy and fun personality, it just set the tone for the whole event. Having Jessie individually critique everyone’s form in the weight room was priceless! I took away so many tips and feel my gains are so much better now that I’m doing my lifts with proper form. I especially loved how Jessie really listened to each and every woman there. I was able to share part of my story with her and tell her face to face how she has changed my life. Jessie is truly genuine and she really makes you feel like you matter. My experience was so much more than I had ever imagined and I will cherish the memories and friendships I made there forever. 

– Jenni

If you have any questions about macros and flexible dieting, Jessie will break down everything you need to understand it. She uses visuals while explaining and spends time breaking down common exercises that are frequently performed incorrectly and helps you work on your technique to fix the mistakes you make. Finally, Jessie takes the time to talk with you throughout the weekend and really makes you feel like she’s a friend you’ve known for years. If you want to meet incredible, like-minded women who are all on the same journey as you, no matter where you are on that path, Jessie’s Girls Camp is a great place to start and/or continue on your journey.

– Nikki

10 stars out of 5!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It was such a great experience that I am going to another one. You not only get to meet and hang out with one of the top fitness trainers in the country but also an amazing group of women with the same passion to be the best that you can be – not just physically – but mentally and emotionally, too. Jessie is so knowledgeable, motivating, inspiring, funny, nice, and just straight-up real. I personally learned a lot about myself and am still learning and I have her to thank for the support and encouragement. If you have the chance to attend a Jessie’s Girls Camp I would highly recommend it and you absolutely will not regret it!

– Amy

Jessie’s Girls Camp was truly an unforgettable experience. You will learn so much about proper lifting technique and nutrition. From beginners to women who have been lifting and tracking macros for a long time will walk away with brand new knowledge. The best part, however, is that you take away how to better love yourself at every stage of life, to be healthy and happy, and find a balance to enable you to live a full and rich life. Jessie is more than just a health coach – she is a life coach – guiding all of us women and Jessie’s Girls toward becoming our best selves by encouraging us to lift each other up and love each other more….all while being an incredibly badass woman. 

– Cathryn

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