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Home Workouts

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What’s Included

  • Access to me on your journey!
  • Custom-calculated macros
  • Daily Workout Journals
  • Macro Tracking Log
  • Supplement and food guide
  • Bonus peak week for events (Only MB1)
  • Lifetime access to online community!

At Home Workout Programs

Say hello to the ultimate solution for building a killer physique without having to leave the comfort of your home! This Jessie’s Girls program is the most effective, easy-to-follow guide to home workouts you’ll ever find! As a mom, I totally get it—we need exercises to do at home because heading to the gym every day isn’t exactly something we can fit into our packed schedules! With nearly a decade of experience to my name as a certified fitness coach and IFBB figure professional, my at-home workouts aren’t anything like what you’d find on Instagram (and the results don’t look like they came from your living room!). I’ve designed these at-home workouts for women with one major goal: ensuring they fit seamlessly into your everyday life!

This 12-week nutrition and exercise program combines at-home workouts and smart nutritional guidelines (based on the IIFYM—If It Fits Your Macros—plan)—allowing you to build lean muscle, burn fat AND fuel your at-home workouts with food you and your family actually like to eat. Plus, I’ve designed my home workouts to incorporate cardio alongside weight training, so you don’t ever have to head to the gym for a separate session. (Amen to that!) With effective, kickass exercises to do at-home and a nutritional guide you can easily follow (think: custom-calculated macros and a macro tracking log), in just 12 short weeks your girlfriends will be asking which gym you joined (but the fact that you never left the house can be our little secret!).

Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts

You receive a workout for every day of your program, including rest days and how to progress each week with your weights. You can find video demonstrations for exercises on YouTube or, if you download the Jessie’s Girls workout app, the videos play for you before you begin each exercise!



Your program outlines your cardio days, heart rate goals and how long your sessions need to be. Each phase details how to increase and decrease your cardio sessions as you move through the weeks, torching fat and building muscle!



Supplements aren’t required but can help you reach your goals and increase your performance in the gym. Your program includes a recommended list including dosage and optimal times to take them.

Nutrition and Macros

Nutrition & Macros

Your program walks you through calculating macros, including rest days, pre & post workout macros and specifics on how to adjust your macros depending on your results. If you download the Jessie’s Girls workout app, the macro calculators are built in for you – making it easy to begin your flexible diet using IIFYM.


Private Community

Your program comes with lifetime access to the MOST incredible group of women ever! The Jessie’s Girls community is here to support you, answer questions and motivate you to keep going. Both the PDF programs and the Jessie’s Girls workout app get access to the community and the workout app has its own community as an extra bonus!

Access to me

Access to me!

Along with my full support in our private Jessie’s Girls Facebook group and workout app community, you’ll find exercise demos and educational videos on YouTube and within the Jessie’s Girls workout app. I am so excited to be right here with you on your journey!


Jessie’s Girls Training Camp (Boise edition) was a weekend I will never forget. Fitness & information packed on all things Jessie’s Girls. We fired off with Friday night’s meet and greet (wine and food included!) which was a wonderful group of kick butt Jessie’s Girls!
I would give the Jessie’s Girls Training Camp in Boise, ID that I attended 10 stars out of 5!!! It was such a great experience that I am going to another one (Dallas, TX). You not only get to meet and basically hang out with one of the top fitness trainers in the country…
A Jessie’s Girls Training Camp is an unforgettable experience. You learn so much about proper lifting technique and nutrition that even those who have been in the industry for awhile will walk away with new knowledge. The best part, however, is that Jessie Hilgenberg teaches you that being a Jessie’s Girl…
If you have any questions about nutrition and IIFYM, Jessie Hilgenberg will break down everything you need to understand it during Jessie’s Girls Training Camp. She uses visuals while explaining to make you understand what exactly happens in your body when you are over eating or under eating daily.
I attended the MPLS Jessie’s Girls Training Camp and IT WAS AMAZING! Meeting Jessie Hilgenberg was surreal for me. She is my fitness idol and here I was about to learn from her and train with her for an entire weekend! Writing this makes me emotional as that training weekend truly has changed me.
Jessie’s Girls Training Camp for me was an unforgettable experience! I just love Jessie Hilgenberg’s positive energy and fun personality, it just set the tone for the whole camp. Being at Bodybuilding.com Headquarters was such an honor. I love that Jessie Hilgenberg teaches you that you don’t have to torture yourself…

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