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Welcome to Jessie’s Girls!

We’re your coaches — Jessie and Kandace.

Here you’ll find the strongest most badass community of women, inspiring and supporting one another to live the life strong, healthy, and happy! However you just found us — we’re so happy that you did!  Our goal is to teach women everywhere how to lift and eat to fuel their bodies and fall in love with their journey. Our series of fitness E-books and macros-based nutrition include the all-new JG40 for Gym & Home, Muscle Building 1 & 2, Bikini Body 1 & 2, Prenatal, and Home workout programs. Each program includes a full, comprehensive and detailed supplement and nutrition guide for all fitness levels (including mamas-to-be) as well as lifetime access to a positive online community of over 10,000 like-minded women. You will learn, step-by-step, how to calculate your custom macros, love your journey, build muscle, and feel the support of women just like you. Purchase a Jessie’s Girls program today to join us and begin changing your life!

I bet you’re wondering how 2 badass babes got together! It was fitness fate, the universe originally connected us by way of Bodybuilding.com in 2015, we where two women leading the fitness industry with poise, passion, and professionalism.  A year later I asked Kandace to be a part of my Jessie’s Girl Camp, she made a second camp appearance in 2018, when she happened to move relocate to Arizona. We got together for a few friend dates and projects, 6 months later we were ready to partner and the rest is history. If you know Kandace, you totally get why this partnership works so beautifully!

Jessie + Kandace

Jessie Hilgenberg

Meet Jessie:

I’m a fitness pro, mom of 2 and created the Jessie’s Girls Training Programs in 2014. Struggling with gym anxiety, the only way I pushed past my comfort zone was by facing my fears. Fitness competitions helped me stay in the gym and push through my anxiety. I became a professional IFBB figure competitor, a fitness icon, published fitness writer, magazine cover model, and athlete with companies such as NLA for Her and Bodybuilding.com. But it was during my first pregnancy I decided to do more for women and fitness than compete on stage and inspire with my physique.

Since launching the Jessie’s Girls Training Programs, I started a movement and community for women around the globe, hosted 40+ women’s fitness retreats, and lead an entire community of women who learn how to lift and eat so they’re not “on a diet” and reach their goals while living a real life that works forever. Let’s do this!

Fitness Background:

I grew up watching my father lift weights, run races and play sports – so I was always athletic and active. When I discovered the figure division of bodybuilding – my husband, Alex, urged me to begin training to compete. I did my first figure competition in 2010 and placed 2nd. I was hooked! I continued to compete on the national circuit until earning my IFBB professional status at the NPC USA’s in 2012.

Throughout my competitions, I made connections with fitness magazine editors and photographers knowing that I wanted to have a larger impact on the fitness world than just competing on stage and winning awards.

I wrote fitness articles for free for online and print publications and entered every fitness spokesmodel contest I could find. It was when Bodybuilding.com selected me out of thousands of women to be their female athlete of the week that I finally was noticed. A few supplement companies read my IFBB figure pro feature on Bodybuilding.com and reached out to me for a sponsorship. It was NLA for Her that grabbed my attention.

They are a supplement company with honest ingredients and integrity that stands behind and supports women. Being the very first athlete to join their team back when they first started in 2012 simply went in line with everything I stand for as a woman and as a leader in women’s fitness and health.

I continued to compete as a top 10 IFBB professional and entered myself into the Bodybuilding.com 2013 Fitness Spokesmodel search. I placed third in that contest and Bodybuilding.com signed me to their team shortly after.

I continued to write fitness articles and model and eventually established a strong relationship with magazines such as FitnessRx for Women, Train for Her and Strong Fitness Magazine for monthly articles and features.

After a little over a year on the IFBB Figure stage, I knew I wanted to become a mom. So, my husband and I decided to start our family in 2014 and my fit pregnancy journey began!

About Jessie’s Girls

I wrote four fitness and nutrition e-books during my pregnancy, which launched my Jessie’s Girls business and movement. Now, there are thousands of women all over the world following my Jessie’s Girls workout programs and learning from me at my Jessie’s Girls Training Camps all over the country!

Jessie’s Girls was founded to show women everywhere that you can and should love your body at every stage. Eating to fuel your body to have badass workouts and living a “normal” life with balance is the only way to stay fit for life! Being a leader for my Jessie’s Girls and my fans all over the world is a top priority for me – I want to show them that you can be a busy mom, wife and successful business owner and still make time to eat well, lift with intensity and change your life!


  • Women’s Fitness Specialist

  • IFBB Pro

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • TaeKwonDo Black Belt

  • Fitness Cover Model

“Life is an art and you’re an artist, Create your masterpiece!”

For PM workouts- Rice, chicken, laughing cow and salsa! For AM workouts- Protein French toast!


I would be a mix of two cereals. My goofy/quirky/hyper side would be fruity pebbles… colorful, sweet and tangy. My other side would be grape nuts. They may seem a little bland or simple, but they are really good for your insides (fiber, duh!). HAHA!

Photography, yoga, sewing, and rock climbing.

Kandace Hudspeth

Meet Kandace:

I’m a lifelong fitness enthusiast with a passion for women’s wellness. I love inspiring movement that challenges, builds confidence, and reaffirms strength.

I started weight training in high school as a competitive cheerleader. I fell in love with the gym and quickly became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I spent over a decade competing in physique sports.

As I entered my 30’s I became less motivated by decreasing the number on the scale and obsessed with increasing the numbers on the barbell. Since 2014, I have pursued strength hitting the following PRs: 300lb Squat, 205lb Bench, 365lb Deadlift, 155lb Snatch, and 198lb Clean and Jerk.

As I coach I am constantly learning, through dedication to my own movement practice, mentorship from industry leaders, and with constant study! 

Fitness has always been my first love, but I am also a career marketer and brand strategist. I spent 10 years in Manhattan culminating in my role as Chief Digital Officer at McCann, leading digital strategy some of the worlds most loved brands, another 5 as VP of Brand Innovation at Bodybuilding.com, and some career milestones being recognized as top 50 and 25 women in digital marketing (2012 and 2015 respectivly) and by Forbes in 2016 for bending passion and profession.

Fitness Background:

I started weight training in high school to gain strength as a competitive cheerleader. I fell in love with the gym and quickly became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I spent 18 years competing in both the NPC and WBFF across the fitness, figure, and bikini divisions.

As I entered my 30’s I became less motivated by decreasing the number on the scale and obsessed with increasing the numbers on the barbell. From 2014 to 2016 I focused purely on powerlifting, building my core strength lifts (300lb Squat, 205lb Bench, 365lb Deadlift).

Since 2016, I have transitioned to functional fitness with dedicated focus on Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastics skill development. With an 18 month deep dive at OPEX Fitness, I learned from brilliant coaching minds and mastered individualized program design, Energy System Training, and advanced strength and conditioning methods.

Over the years, I have always maintained my bodyweight conditioning, often leveraging my #ConditioningwKandace and #BodyweightFlow workouts to keep my cardio session fun and engaging. 

Fitness Philosophy:

Fitness should be fun, it’s freedom to play and permission to fail. The time you spend sweating should fill you with confidence, self-love, and gratitude. You are in complete control of the effort you give to each workout and to each day. Effort is the most pure reflection of gratitude and the most promising way to grow. Move in ways that challenge you, that build confidence, that reaffirm your strength. Bring that strength with you as you take on the rest of your day.


  • MBA


  • NASM Pain Free Performance Specialist

  • CrossFit L-1


  • Onnit Steel Mace Specialist

“Effort is the most pure reflection of gratitude and the most promising way to grow.”

PRE- WORKOUT: I train in the morning after a 12oz glass of water with lemon juice and pink Himalayan slat,  a cup of collagen coffee, and snuggles with my boyfriend and puppy Charlie.

POST-WORKOUT:  Protein shake or a homemade egg and veggie wrap


OATMEAL, reliable, can dress it up or down, warms your belly and leaves you feeling full 🙂

The gym is my favorite place to play, but when I’m not there, you will find me walking a beautiful trail usually in a weight vest with Charlie and my boyfriend Bryan. I also love brunch and speciality coffee or ice cream shops!

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