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Jessie’s Girls Booty Bands


The Jessie's Girls Booty Bands deliver a higher level of lower body resistance training, thanks to the strong material and extra wide width (4”). By positioning the hip circle above your knees during warm-ups and during your lower body lifts, you can strengthen your hips and glutes while training with better form and alignment for your squats and deadlifts. With three different levels of resistance and an included carry bag, these are a great alternative to traditional, thinner mobility bands that slide, roll and slip during use.

  • Resistance Glute Bands set, carry bag included for portable travel and packing in workout bag
  • Three bands for light, medium and heavy resistance
  • Extra wide width for glute training
  • Activate and strengthens the legs, butt, glutes, hip adductors and external rotators
  • Put the band around your knees and walk with long strides for an impactful warmup





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