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Jessie’s Girls – Home Edition (HE)



Since 2010, I have limited my team to only a very small number of women. I have never been a “quantity over quality” coach and, therefore, have had to put hundreds of women (including you) on my never-ending waiting list. I wanted so badly to be able to guide and be there for you. So, the Jessie’s Girls E-book Training Programs are my solution to my coaching in an affordable and attainable way to everyone! This makes me so happy and I’m thrilled to get started with you with this Home Edition! This is NOT an e-book about ME with a bunch of workouts to follow and pages of recipes. I did not write this book to tell you what I do and how awesome I am because of it. I wrote this book so that you have the tools to completely change your life.

All it takes is hard work, dedication and a strong vision – I FULLY believe in and support you and there are NO limits to what you can do – even if you’re staying home to do it! My only criteria for you is that you must want to lift with intensity, follow my macronutrient and diet guidelines and kick ass every day!

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