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Jessie’s Girls – Muscle Building 1 & 2 Bundle

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These two muscle building workout plans are all about easy-to-follow, effective strength training for women, complete with customized-calculated macros and macros tracking logs. This Jessie’s Girls program bundle will walk you through everything you need to know to build a beautiful physique while fueling your body with food you actually LOVE to eat (time to hop off that dieting rollercoaster and kiss cookie-cutter diets goodbye). You’ll focus on individual muscle groups—with strength training for women that includes glutes workouts, arm workouts and leg workouts to make those shoulders, quads and booties POP (get it, girl)! Muscle Building 1 will teach you how to build muscle over 12 weeks, while Muscle Building 2 continues that for 12 MORE weeks and incorporates advanced lifting techniques for seasoned lifters or those who want to continue adding strength. Both of these muscle building workouts include custom-calculated macros and macro tracking logs, so you’ll learn how to build muscle and properly fuel your body with pre-workout nutrition and post-workout nutrition while you’re at it!

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