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If you are here you are most likely new to Jessie’s Girls and trying to figure out if this community is what’s missing in your life?! Short answer, well duh!

Jessie’s Girls is a community of badass women who value strength in all aspects of their lives! We are committed to building muscle, nourishing our bodies and our minds, and supporting each other along the way. When you purchase any Jessie’s Girls Training Program, you get access to the private Facebook group, a community of women ready to support your journey, and access to Jessie + Kandace for live coaching sessions, video education, exercise demos, and answers to all your fitness questions!

FREE Reverse Dieting Guide

We don’t “diet” – we calculate our macros, we know how to properly fuel our bodies – and then we eat ALL THE FOOD we love that fits in those numbers. Learn how to calculate your correct calories, reverse into them, and never diet again!

A Week of FREE Workouts  

We train to be strong and powerful! These workouts will show you what being Jessie’s Girl is all about! You’ll receive a sample week of workouts that will push and challenge you to the max.

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Feeling strong and confident in and out of the gym starts now! Learning to train properly and fuel your body will change your life! Whatever your goals are, start here we have the perfect program for you!. We have Training Programs (including JG40, Muscle Building 1 & 2, Bikini Body 1& 2, Prenatal Edition, and Home Edition)! Learn more about training programs HERE!

A challenge is the perfect way to set some goals and be held accountable! We have several challenges throughout the year. Want in on the next challenge?! Signup and be the first to know when the next challenge kicks off HERE! 

We’ve built out an awesome database of macro friendly recipes HERE. Search or browse for some game changing meals and protein packed treats. Our blog is full of educational articles and answers to common fitness questions, check that out HERE. If you have questions about Jessie’s Girls Training Programs or products we’ve put together this super helpful FAQ HERE