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Jessie's Girls 3k Fitness Challenge

Jessie's Girls 3k Fitness Challenge LOGO

6th Annual 3K Fitness Challenge Starts January 11, 2021

Are you the next winner of the 3K Fitness Challenge?

Jessie’s Girls is looking for three incredible women who are ready to become major motivators to women all over the world! One of you will win the ultimate prize and become the next #JESSIESGIRLS Am-BADASS-ador! Follow along with the 6th annual Jessie’s Girl’s 3k Fitness Challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #JessiesGirls3k!

XOXO, Jessie


What’s Included

  • The 12-week Jessie’s Girls Program of your choice: This year, you get to choose whether you follow a Jessie’s Girls E-book OR Jessie’s Girls Daily online workouts! Choose the newest e-book program, Foundations (gym & home), or choose from JG40 (gym & home), Bodyweight Beast (bodyweight only), Muscle Building 1 (gym), Muscle Building 2 (gym), Bikini Body 1 (gym), Bikini Body 2 (gym), or Home Edition (home or gym) e-book programs. All of the e-book programs include cardio instructions, Jessie’s Girls nutrition and custom calculated macros! If you choose Jessie’s Girls Daily online workouts, you will log in to get your home and gym workouts – that format is 4 strength training workouts per week PLUS an online, automated Jessie’s Girls macro calculator!

  • Prizes: Three $1,000 prize winners, the chance to become a Jessie’s Girls Am-BADASS-ador, a surprise Facetime or Zoom call from Jessie, plus tons of prizes and swag!

  • Ambassador mentor and coach: You will be assigned a Jessie’s Girls Am-BAD-Assador who will guide you through the challenge and be your go-to for any questions or tips.

  • Weekly Facebook Live Events: Each week Jessie will go live in the challenge Facebook group with workouts, exercise demos, program education, and lots of fun and coffee chats!

  • Access to TWO Private Female-Only Facebook Groups: Inside these amazing groups of badass women, you’ll be able to post your progress, look for motivation, ask questions, and get all the support you could ever imagine! Jessie and the Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors will be in the groups with you mentoring you closely and providing the motivation and accountability we all need.

  • Become a lifetime member of #JESSIESGIRLS: Signing up for this challenge grants you access to the Jessie’s Girls private Facebook page…which means you are a part of this incredible tribe of women for LIFE!

Jessie's Girls ebooks + JGD




What You’ll Need

Jessie's Girls 3k Fitness Challenge LOGO

Besides your beautiful face and your commitment to 12-weeks of progress, not much! Once you select your Jessie’s Girls Program, you will receive all of your workouts so you know exactly what to do! You will also receive the Jessie’s Girls nutrition guidelines and step by step macro calculations so that you can begin properly fueling your body. You will be assigned a Jessie’s girls Ambassador to mentor and coach you through the challenge, plus the Facebook group will be there for you to help with any questions you may have! 

You’ll need a gym membership or, if you’re doing the challenge from home, just some basic home equipment. Any equipment needed for home, bodyweight, or Jessie’s Girls Daily programs are listed in each of the programs. If you’re missing or don’t have access to any of these items, don’t worry! Jessie, the Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors, and the Facebook group are always there to help modify the workouts. All it takes is a quick post in the Facebook group to get all the support you need. XO

How it works

  • January 11: 3k Fitness Challenge begins. This is day 1 of your chosen 12-week Jessie’s Girls Training Program or Jessie’s Girls Daily workouts.

  • January 15: 3k Registration & Starting Photos are due.

  • January 11-April 3: Weekly Facebook lives, badass workouts, macro tracking, and lives changing!

  • April 4: 3k Fitness Challenge ends.

  • April 9: Final Photos Due.

  • April 16-19: 10 semifinalists are announced to the public – exciting!

  • April 23: The finalists are announced to the public!

  • April 24-30: The finalists are interviewed for the final round to determine the grand prize winner!

  • May 1-21: Any day during this time Jessie will surprise the heck out of the GRAND PRIZE winner!

3k Challenge Registration Includes:


Both the Jessie’s Girls e-book programs and Jessie’s Girls Daily come with all of your workouts during the entire 90-day challenge, including demo videos, progressive overload, cardio and HIIT options, rest day guidelines, and more. Each program and week is designed to give you the best workouts of your life!


All Jessie’s Girls programs come with cardio recommendations and instruction, including where your heart rate targets should be during each session. E-book programs detail how to increase and decrease your cardio sessions as you move through the weeks, torching fat and building muscle.

Dedicated Coaches

You’ll receive 1-2 Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors as your personal coaches with a private Facebook group just for the challenge for support. You can use the Facebook groups to post your progress, look for motivation, and ask questions! They will be mentoring you closely and supporting you!

Nutrition & Macros

All Jessie’s Girls programs walk you through calculating your custom macros, including rest day and pre & post workout macros. You will always know how to adjust your macros depending on your results! E-books require you to follow the step-by-step calculation instructions, while the Jessie’s Girls Daily membership comes with a fully automated, online calculator. Both are amazing tools!

Private Community

Your program comes with lifetime access to the MOST incredible group of women ever – the official Jessie’s Girls Facebook group! The Jessie’s Girls community is here to support you, answer questions and motivate you to keep going. Challenge registration even comes with a special Facebook group JUST for the challenge where you will watch your weekly lives with Jessie, and be able to ask challenge-specific questions for quick responses.

Access to me!

Along with full support in both the private Jessie’s Girls Facebook groups, you’ll have access to demo videos plus weekly Facebook Lives for educational topics, workouts, Q&A, and coffee chats. I am so excited to be right here with you on your journey!

Past Fitness Challenge Winners

Crystal Kemp, 29
Crystal Kemp, 29
JG40 was a total blessing for me, released at the PERFECT time. I’m a mom of 6 boys under 9, I never have time to relax. These quick full body workouts not only gave me an extra hour to myself relaxing/stretching/reading at the gym but the yielded AMAZING results. Don’t get me started on the nutrition, Jessie has that down! I am now able to eat way more than ever before and have full confidence that my body is fueled and healthy.
Melissa Markowski, 40
Melissa Markowski, 40
This challenge has changed my entire family, from new eating habits to family weight lifting sessions. The best part about was getting to know some amazing women, they are like distant besties with the best lifestyle in common. I couldn’t get over how involved Jessie is with her girls, constantly motivating them to be their best! So Much Love.
Karen Petrini, 58
Karen Petrini, 58
The challenge was special to me because it helped me overcome mental and physical obstacles and forced me to stop making excuses. I pushed myself to try moves I haven’t done since ACL surgery, some of them mental. The physical boundaries were pushed, and the sweat was real. Fear is a liar! Try something that scares you! Keep lifting ladies!
Brooke Carter, 38
Brooke Carter, 38
For years I struggled to stick with a training program. Going to extreme measures to “be thin” and even struggled with an eating disorder. Embracing this program and LOVING THE PROCESS has been life changing. Jessie said it best when she said “you’re glowing brighter and stronger than ever”. It’s like a light switch turned on and I found a way to love myself again.
Abby Raper, 40
Abby Raper, 40
The challenge helped me find the balance in my life that I so needed to get back. Balance with food and more importantly beverages. I was losing that self control with over doing it. I used this challenge as a platform to remind myself that I am strong and capable. I’m proud of myself for fighting through inner self battles and not giving up. To keep loving me and keep encouraging others to do so as well.
Lily Williams, 38
Lily Williams, 38
I signed up for the JG40 challenge last minute and I’m so glad that I did because I am feeling so good! I look leaner and feel stronger! I can actually wear my “skinny jeans” & not feel like a button is going to pop off & take someone’s eye out. JG40 is the program that I needed and it never gets boring because every week, there’s a cool new workout move that I’ve never seen before. I can’t help that after this challenge that I keep singing to myself “Im sexy & I know it”. Im now proud to now call myself a Jessie’s girl!!
Jaime Cuolahan, 32
Jaime Cuolahan, 32
The challenge changed my life completely, it energized my failing health and fitness routine, provided daily motivation through a group of amazing women, gave me workouts that were that were a highlight of my week and the ability to eat all the food through tracking macros. With the full body workouts, progression happened quickly and I built muscles I’ve never had. JG40 is not just a program, but now my livable lifestyle!
Beth Seiferth, 30
Beth Seiferth, 30
The Challenge was amazing, not just for my physical health, but also for my mental and emotional health. It changed my relationship with food and exercise for the better. It made me realize balance is attainable. I learned how to give myself grace, but not let it become excuses. Jessie has created such a supportive and empowering environment for women.

You Might Be Saying To Yourself…

  • “Can I really win this? Being a Jessie’s Girls Ambassador would be a dream come true!”

    Ya girl! The grand prize winner gets a check with their name on it, a surprise call from me to congratulate you, party with you, and prep you for joining our AMAZING Jessie’s Girls Am-BADASS-ador family! 

  • “This looks amazing, but it sounds like it might be hard to follow and stick with.”

    The Jessie’s Girls community has got you, girl! You can choose any one of 8 Jessie’s Girls Training Programs OR the online Jessie’s Girls Daily workouts. Every program has detailed instructions and you have the amazing ladies in the Facebook group to help you – plus the support of your ambassador coaches! You can do this! 

  • “I really want to make a change to my physique and my lifestyle, will this actually work for me?”

    All Jessie’s Girls Programs are designed to give you a roadmap – I am so committed to educating and supporting your journey. You get the program but, more importantly, you get access to me and an incredible community of women who will support you to success!

  • “I don’t have a gym membership. Will I still be able to do the challenge?”

    Oh yeah, woman! JG40, Foundations, Home Edition, and the Bodyweight Beast e-book programs all give you the flexibility to workout from home – you only need a few minimal pieces of home workout equipment (all listed and details) and just your rockin’ bod for the Bodyweight Beast program! Even the Jessie’s Girls Daily workouts come with a home version of each workout – you’re covered!

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