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The Jessie’s Girls Prenatal Edition Program

First of all, congratulations!!! I am so honored that you have the trust in me to guide you along this beautiful journey! I wrote this Jessie’s Girls Prenatal e-book during my own pregnancy, and released it two weeks before giving birth to my beautiful daughter, Samantha. I wanted to make sure I personally experienced every month of pregnancy training and nutrition before finishing it for you – so this Jessie’s Girls e-book is straight from my very own pregnancy training journal! I am so excited to walk you through the fittest, happiest pregnancy possible! I will take you through 9 phases of training, with consideration for the first trimester, when you might not be feeling your best, on to the second trimester when you most likely will have more strength and energy, and then we will move into the third trimester as you prepare for your sweet babe to arrive! This program is written so that you can begin anytime during your pregnancy. Not only do I help you with workout splits, sets and reps, but together we will set and adjust your macros to nourish and fuel your body and baby – making it so that you enjoy your pregnancy and also setting you up for the ultimate post-baby body comeback! I have had countless Jessie’s Girls attribute their positive labor experience to following my prenatal guide during their pregnancy – even natural, drug-free at-home deliveries! I am so honored.


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XO, Jessie


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Prenatal Edition

Jessie’s Girls Prenatal Edition Training Program

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