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The Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body Guide

The Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body program is best for any woman whose goal is to train with intensity, build lean muscle tone, and burn fat without trying to build capped shoulders, a quad sweep and a v-taper to your back. I designed this book to be just as badass as my Muscle Building program, but for my Jessie’s Girls that don’t want to focus on building as much muscle. You will still be eating and fueling your workouts! And, yes, it is possible to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time, and the Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body guide is built to do that. It is the perfect training and nutrition program you can use to achieve and maintain a bikini-rockin’, photo shoot-ready body year-round or you may use it for bikini competition prep and post-competition training and nutrition. My bikini body guide includes supersets, dropsets, and plyometric workouts so that you incorporate a cardiovascular workout into your weight training workouts. This way, you get a bit more cardio without having to go back to the gym for a separate session.


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