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How do I download my e-book?2019-11-01T14:36:58-07:00

Just log into your account and click My Profile, My Purchases, and find your book in Available Downloads

If a training program is updated do I ned to re-purchase it?2019-11-01T14:35:24-07:00

Nope! It will be in the “downloads” section of your account ready-to-go!

When will by book ship?2019-11-01T14:34:23-07:00

All of the Jessie’s Girls Training Programs are digital e-books, so just log in to your account on JessieFitness.com, Click My Profile, My Purchases, and then download to whatever device you are using! If you would like a hard copy version of the e-book, feel free to print it out and either put it in a 3-ring binder or have it spiral bound!

Nobody replied to my customer service email2019-11-01T14:33:09-07:00

Questions are usually answered within a couple of business days. Technical difficulties happen, so if you don’t get a response within a few business days, please feel free to email help@jessiefitness.com again.

How do I purchase a Training Camp as a gift?2019-11-01T14:32:15-07:00

The best way to give a Jessie’s Girls Training Camp as a gift would be to purchase a gift card! Just go to JessieFitness.com, and at the top of the site, select Purchase A Gift Card

Can I use a gift card for a Training Camp?2019-11-01T14:31:35-07:00

Yes you can, lucky lady

How do I pay my balance?2019-11-01T14:31:02-07:00

If you made a 50% deposit when reserving your spot at Jessie’s Girls Training Camp, then just log in to your account, click My Profile, My Purchases, and to the right of your Camp Reservation Purchase you will find “Pay My Balance”. You will also notice a Liability Waiver button, please digitially sign the waiver before attending Camp.

How do I transfer my registration to a different camp date?2019-11-01T14:30:30-07:00

Things come up and we understand that!! If you’re unable to attend the camp you originally reserved, you may transfer your reservation to a different date ONE TIME as long as it is done before 60 days before camp. Just email camp@jessiefitness.com to get this taken care of.

Are meals provided?2019-11-01T14:29:58-07:00

Meals and accomodations are not provided for Jessie’s Girls Training Camps, but we do provide snacks at the Meet and Greet on Friday, and you will get a lunch break on Saturday.

How do I find a roommate?2019-11-01T14:29:25-07:00

The Jessie’s Girls Training Camp Facebook page is where its at!! Once the Recommended Hotel has been selected for the city, I will post about it on the Group Page. That would be a great time to comment and find roommates, carpools, etc! Here is the link to join

When do I receive the Itinerary for Jessie’s Girls Training Camp?2019-11-01T14:28:22-07:00

The itinerary will be sent out one week before Jessie’s Girls Training, just to give you an idea of what you are in for! 🙂 But the important things to know: Meet and Greet starts Friday at 6pm and goes until approximately 8pm. Saturday starts between 7am and 9am (depending on location) and ends at 6pm, and Girls Night Out starts at 8pm

Can I save my ebook to my phone?2019-11-01T14:27:12-07:00

Yup! Just login to your jessiefitness.com account on your phone and download away! You can read it as the PDF or if you have an iPhone you can add it to iBooks.

How do I purchase a gift card?2019-11-01T14:18:57-07:00

You can purchase your gift card here

How do I leave a review of a training program?2019-11-01T14:16:01-07:00

To review anything you’ve purchased on JessieFitness.com, just login to your account and go to https://www.jessiefitness.com/shop-like-jessie/ – choose the category and product you want to review – I’m so appreciative of your feedback!

You can always email help@jessiefitness.com, too, it doesn’t always have to be a question. I LOVE your feedback!

What is the best contact for business or media inquiries?2019-11-01T14:12:40-07:00

For all Business/Media inquiries please email help@jessiefitness.com

What is your refund policy?2019-11-01T07:19:06-07:00

Unfortunately, there is no way to return a digital product such as the Jessie’s Girls Training Programs once they have been downloaded, so we are not able to offer refunds on any digital items.

I have a question about the Jessie’s Girls App, who do I email?2019-11-01T07:18:43-07:00

For any technical, billing or subscription questions regarding the app you can email our app support team at support@plankk.com. For general inquiries regarding the app, you can email us at app@jessiefitness.com 

I have a question about a Jessie’s Girls Camp, who do I email?2019-11-01T07:18:11-07:00

We are happy to answer all of your questions! Just email us at help@jessiefitness.com

I have a question about a Jessie’s Girls Challenge, who do I email?2019-11-01T07:17:43-07:00

We are happy to answer all of your questions! Just email us at challenges@jessiefitness.com

I have a question about Jessie’s Girls Training Program, who do I email?2019-11-01T07:17:16-07:00

We are happy to answer all of your questions! Just email us at help@jessiefitness.com

How do I purchase a gift card?2019-11-01T07:16:42-07:00

You can purchase a Gift Card here

I can’t find my download what do I do?2019-11-01T07:16:20-07:00

Your e-book is forever located in the “downloads” section of your account! If you don’t see it there, just email help@jessiefitness.com and we will be happy to restore it for you! 

How do I become a Jessie’s Girls AM-BADASS-ADOR?2019-11-01T07:15:56-07:00

Ambassadors are selected through an annual Jessie’s Girls challenge, they are among the most knowledgeable, socially active, and caring in our community. If you are interested in becoming a Jessie’s Girls AM-BADASS-ADOR email info@jessiefitness.com 

What’s Jessie’s Girls AM-BADASS-ADOR?2019-11-01T07:15:33-07:00

Jessie’s Girls Am-badass-adors are badass women and Jessie’s Girls who are defining a new norm. Women who are taking control of their lives and inspiring us. Women who are redefining paths and calling the shots. These women support and build a strong Jessie’s Girls community every single day. These women are worth celebrating – click on their photos below to be inspired! Learn more here.

When is the next Jessie’s Girls Camp?2019-11-01T07:14:18-07:00

We host camps a few times a year, sign up for the newsletter here and be the first to know when the next camp is announced.

When is the next Jessie’s Girls Challenge?2019-11-01T07:11:40-07:00

We host challenges several times a year. Sign up here to get on the list for communications about the next challenge

What is reverse dieting? How can I learn more?2019-11-01T07:11:10-07:00

Download my FREE Reverse Dieting Guide here, you’ll discover how to calculate your correct calories, begin a reverse diet, change your eating habits, cut fat and build muscle!

Do you offer nutrition coaching?2019-11-01T07:08:41-07:00

We don’t  offer a nutrition only plan, yet 🙂 But all of the Jessie’s Girls Training Programs include a nutrition section that teaches you how to calculate your macros for your body and your goals, and how to adjust those macros as you progress through the program. We do  occasionally offer Nutrition Coaching calls, but the calendar is currently full.

How do I know how much and what to eat?2019-11-01T07:06:18-07:00

Check out these two blogs and learn how to calculate your calories using your BMR and TDEE. Also watch this video of Jessie chatting if it fits your macros (IIFYM)

What are macros?2019-11-01T07:05:45-07:00

Check out this blog and learn the difference between calories and macros

Do I get the program as soon as I purchase it?2019-11-01T07:05:21-07:00

Your program will automatically be emailed to you in PDF format and will be available for instant download. If you do not receive the email you can always download your program straight from your account on JessieFitness.com Just log in to your account, select My Account, and then Downloads

What’s the difference between BB1 and BB2?2019-11-01T07:04:43-07:00

Unlike the Muscle Building (MB) series, the Bikini Body (BB) series both follow the same training techniques, BB2 introduces additional workouts.

What’s the difference between MB1 and MB2?2019-11-01T07:04:19-07:00

Muscle Building 1 (MB1) and Muscle Building 2 (MB2) are my original muscle building training programs, these are training protocols and workouts are exactly what I used when competing as an IFBB Pro. MB2 is an extension of MB1 and includes more advanced training techniques. I recommend completing all of MB1 before you start MB2.

What program is best for pregnancy?2019-11-01T07:03:47-07:00

The Jessie’s Girls Prenatal Edition will take you through 9 phases of training, with consideration for the first trimester, when you might not be feeling your best, on to the second trimester when you most likely will have more strength and energy, and then you will move into the third trimester as you prepare for your sweet babe to arrive! This program is written so that you can begin anytime during your pregnancy.

What if I don’t have access to all of the equipment in the program?2019-11-01T07:03:23-07:00

The Jessie’s Girls Facebook page is amazing to ask questions about modifications or what equipment makes a great substitute for a particular exercise!

What equipment do I need to do the workouts at home?2019-11-01T07:03:00-07:00

For Muscle Building, Muscle Building 2, Bikini Body and Bikini Body 2, Prenatal Edition, and JG40 you will need a gym membership, stopwatch, you training logs (in your program), heart rate monitor, tape measure, weight scale, and food scale. You will also need At least ONE of the following for your HIIT cardio: plyo box for box jumps, jump rope, weighted prowler or sled for sprints/pulls, battle ropes for battle roping awesomeness, medicine ball for squat jump slams or throws, incline treadmill for sprints.

For Home Edition you will need: Your training logs, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, tape measure, weight scale, food scale, bench/box for jumping, stability ball, medicine ball, jump rope, slider plates, a variety of bands dumbbells, and a pull-up Bar

Do I need a gym membership to do these programs?2019-11-01T07:02:20-07:00

A gym membership is recommended for Muscle Building 1 & 2, Bikini Body 1 & 2, and Prenatal Edition. Home Edition was designed to do 100% at home, JG40 also has home versions of every workout!

How much are the programs?2019-11-01T06:58:17-07:00

Most Jessie’s Girls programs are $79.00 Learn more about our Training Programs for Women here

Can I get a sample workout?2019-11-01T06:57:52-07:00

Yes, use the Facebook Messenger chat on our homepage to get a free week of workouts!

Is nutrition included in every program?2019-11-01T06:57:28-07:00

Yes! Jessie’s Girls Training Programs follow IIFYM (If it fits your macros). Jessie gives you her calculations to figure out how many calories YOUR body needs each day and how many macros that requires to reach your goal. Each Jessie’s Girls Training Program includes all the information you need to calculate the macros needed to fuel your body where it is right now, and the information on how to manipulate your macros according to your goals and progress.

I’m a beginner, can I do these programs?2019-11-01T06:57:02-07:00

Jessie’s Girls Training Programs are for women of ALL training levels!

How do I know what program to pick?2019-11-01T06:56:38-07:00

If you want to build more muscle while burning fat, then I would recommend the Muscle Building program. If you are happy with your existing muscle mass and want to maintain that muscle, while burning fat and tightening up, then I recommend the Bikini Body program. Both of these programs were written for training to take place in a gym, although some people have been able to complete the programs from a home gym. If you do not have a well equipped gym, then the Home Edition is a totally kick-ass program that doesn’t slack off just because you’re training from home! Here is a helpful article to learn more about each program.

Do you have a newsletter?2019-11-01T06:56:08-07:00

Heck yes we do and it’s packed full of FREE workout tips, recipes, exclusive promos PLUS monthly motivation + macro tracking tips to keep you lifting like a badass. Get it ALL straight to your inbox! you can sign up here

What is the Jessie’s Girls Private Facebook Group? How do I get access?2019-11-01T06:55:19-07:00

Our private Jessie’s Girls Facebook group is filled with awesome Jessie’s Girls, JG Ambassadors, Jessie and Kandace ready to answer any questions you encounter regarding exercises, calculating your macros, reverse dieting, meal prep, and anything else you can think of 🙂 It’s also the perfect place to post before photos, progress photos, and videos you want to share.

Once you have purchased a Jessie’s Girls Training Program you can request access to the group. Be sure to answer the questions asked when requesting to join the group!

How do I become a Jessie’s Girl?2019-11-01T06:54:53-07:00

By purchasing a Jessie’s Girls Training Program and being a total badass!

What does it mean to be Jessie’s Girl?2019-11-01T06:53:49-07:00

Jessie’s Girls is the strongest most supportive female community on the internet! We are women. We are Strong. We push limits and redefine paths. We call the shots, We are Jessie’s Girls.

Become a Jessie’s Girl Today!

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