How do I download my e-book?2019-11-01T14:36:58-07:00

Just log into your account and click My Profile, My Purchases, and find your book in Available Downloads

If a training program is updated do I ned to re-purchase it?2019-11-01T14:35:24-07:00

Nope! It will be in the “downloads” section of your account ready-to-go!

When will by book ship?2019-11-01T14:34:23-07:00

All of the Jessie’s Girls Training Programs are digital e-books, so just log in to your account on JessieFitness.com, Click My Profile, My Purchases, and then download to whatever device you are using! If you would like a hard copy version of the e-book, feel free to print it out and either put it in a 3-ring binder or have it spiral bound!

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