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13-week Training, Lifestyle and Nutrition Program
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The Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building Program

Are you dreaming about quad sweeps and v-tapers? Me, too! Building muscle is what I do and what I’ve focused on to create the physique I have today. This Jessie’s Girls program is also your best choice if you are looking to finally dig yourself out of past dieting roller coasters and cookie cutter meal plans. If you want to grow lean muscle while burning fat and fueling your body properly – stop here! You will be eating! Yes, it is possible to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time, and this Jessie’s Girls program is built to do that. I used the training and nutrition program in this book during my amateur and professional IFBB figure competition prep, my post-competition training and nutrition and to maintain my photo shoot-ready physique year-round. Ladies…in order to create a beautiful physique and have a NORMAL, healthy lifestyle…you need to fuel your workouts and body and be able to choose the foods you (and your family) love to eat! You will train individual muscle groups in this Jessie’s Girls program, carving out muscle to make those shoulders, quads and booties POP!


What’s Included

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The first time you purchase a Jessie’s Girls Training Program you become part of THE strongest, most badass and empowering women’s fitness community EVER…for life!  You will be added to the private Facebook page exclusively for Jessie’s Girls. The group is a friendly, safe, and amazing place to post your progress photos and personal updates, share information, ask questions, support other Jessie’s Girls and gain accountability as you become your personal best and help bring that out in each other. The community is here to hold you accountable and motivate you through the Jessie’s Girls programs and journey. Welcome, you’re going to love it here and we can’t wait to support you!

XO, Jessie


Muscle building reviews!

Sarah C.
Sarah C.
Muscle Building 1 was the perfect find when I first started my lifting journey. It provided me with a great foundation that has helped me improve my health and lifting abilities! Also, the Facebook group access include with the purchase of the e-book gave me support and encouragement to help me on my fitness journey!
Kacee L.
Kacee L.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this program! Already completed my first round of MB and it has changed my life for the better. I’m stronger, leaner, healthier, and happier! Jessie has taught me so much about proper nutrition and fueling my body for succes
Georgia G
Georgia G
This book is awesome. With so much information out there, this puts it all simply. It’s not a huge overwhelming book. It’s concise and to the point. Gave me just what I needed. Thank you.
Nikki R.
Nikki R.
This book is a workout manual for anyone that’s serious about changing their physique. Each workout is tough but totally manageable. The set and rep ranges are constantly changing. I am so in love with all the tools I’ve gotten as a part of being a Jessie’s girl that I am going to repeat this program several times.

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Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building Training Program

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