Jessie’s Girls Am-badass-adors are badass women and Jessie’s Girls who are defining a new norm. Women who are taking control of their lives and inspiring us. Women who are redefining paths and calling the shots. These women support and build a strong Jessie’s Girls community every single day. These women are worth celebrating - click on their photos below to be inspired!

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Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors

Crystal Cook
Crystal Cook

Trust Jessie. Give it your all. Be patient. And keep on trying every single day.

Christa Colton
Christa Colton

Jump all in. You will never meet a more welcoming group of women who are here to support you on your journey, no matter what you’re starting point is. And trust the process. Everyone’s body is different and will react differently, but if you put in the work and follow the programs you will see results. You got this!

Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson

Progress, not perfection. Adjusting to a new program, tracking macros, reverse dieting, etc. – it can be a lot to take in, and it won’t be perfect. But that is okay. You didn’t fail. We are humans y’all, not robots. Life is not going to be perfect.

Holly Preston
Holly Preston

Be patient with yourself!! No one comes into this being 100% perfect, so don’t expect that from yourself. This is a learning process & we are all here to help!

Erin Montgomery
Erin Montgomery

Be patient., anything worth having takes time and effort. This isn’t a twelve week “quick fix”, this is a FIX for the rest of your life. Embracing the Jessie’s Girls way means truly creating and maintaing a new lifestyle. You will hear “trust the process” a lot, like you are being asked to have blind faith.

Jen Pierce

I love being a part of a community that encompasses unconditional love and support for every woman on their journey to a better self. You can’t put a price on the feeling of thousands of women lifting each other up and pushing each other to achieve all their goals. It means everything to me to be a part of each and every one of my JG bae’s journey.

Georgia Gillie

Mom, Personal Trainer

I am a Jessie’s Girls ambassador because Jessie and her programs are life changing and something I wish every girl could experience. My favorite part is getting to see women feel confident in taking charge of their journey and I get to be alongside them as their cheerleader.

Karey May


I am a Jessie’s Girls Ambassador because I am so passionate about helping other women find this wonderful, new way to live a Fit Life!! It can be so overwhelming if you listen to the mainstream media’s unending list of Do’s & Don’ts, and everyone needs to know that its not so complicated!

April Hamilton

This is such a unique & defining group of women who support & empower one another constantly. I love seeing the changes and transformations these women have, mentally & physically. Jessie & her programs are life changing. I hope to inspire women to love & accept their bodies THROUGHOUT their journey.

Jessie's Girl Ambassador Courtney Dykes
Courtney Dykes

Registered Cardiac Cath Lab Tech

I’m living proof that with a wonderful support system, you can do anything. I want to give to others the same love and guidance that I’ve been shown since I became a Jessie’s Girl. I want to be the voice of encouragement when someone doubts themselves. When women support one another, incredible things happen.

Danielle Ames

Macro Queen, RN

Being healthy doesn’t have to be tedious and miserable. By being a Jessie’s Girls Ambassador, I can show women how they can get their lives back on track by using the best resources available-Jessie’s programs.

Alyssa Estill

RN, Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist

I thrive on helping people achieve their best self, both mentally and physically. Nothing beats seeing confidence radiate from a woman who previously had a negative self-image. Jessie’s Girls is women empowering women, and I’m honored to be a part of that every single day.

Krista Berkis

Lawyer, Fur baby mom

I believe in Jessie 100 percent—her programs and methods work and are sustainable! I want all women to discover this way of life and I always encourage and support every Jessie’s Girl to trust in this process to become their best selves.

Jocelyn McClellan
Jocelyn McClellan

Mama of 4, Wife, NASM Personal Trainer

I am a Jessie’s Girls Ambassador because I want to be an example for women and help inspire them know that whatever the circumstance, to make the time to stay healthy and happy, and become all you are dreaming of both inside and out.

Heather Dahlenburg

Research Scientist, FOODIE

I encourage Jessie’s Girls along their journey to become their best self. I help make what can be a scary life change seem fun and approachable by sharing my journey. Celebrate every victory – big or small – and encourage positivity (even on those #stankface days)! EAT ALL THE FOOD!!!

Gaylene Moyers

Wife, Momma, Gigi, Momma G

Born and raised in Idaho. Married for 31 years and have 8 children, 5 girls, 2 boys. I’m GiGi to 9 grandkids and one due in Nov. Divorced and remarried for 3 years in August. Practiced midwifery for 20 years and assisted or delivered about 75 little humans! I am a certified medical assistant and have worked in hospitals, clinics, retirement centers, and am currently involved in my county mental health agency and drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Nikki Revis

Mom, Personal Trainer

Being a Jessie’s Girl embodies everything I could ever hope to stand for. We stand for courage, strength, confidence, hard work, and perseverance. It is an incredibly empowering community that changes lives and I want every woman to be a part of it!

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