Burn Fat and Sculpt Muscle in a Fraction of the Time of Regular Workouts

If you want to build a strong, lean, and defined body without spending almost every waking moment in the gym, this is for you.

MBX is the ideal workout program for when you have a packed schedule but still want to see impressive definition and gains.

After my first daughter was born, I had to say goodbye to the 6-day-per-week workout schedule that had been etched in my calendar for years. I needed to find a way to stay strong and lean without keeping my daughter’s crib next to a squat rack 12 hours a week. Back then, I had been using a type of workout structure called body part splits. This method is proven to be the best way to build a strong and muscular body…

But it takes years of 5-6 day-per-week workouts and consistency to achieve that. Most of us don’t have 12 hours a week available to workout in the gym, but we still want to look and feel damn good. That’s why I decided to build the brand-new MBX program!

It’s 12 Weeks of progressive overload based workouts built around the trifecta of Push + Pull + Legs. This program will help you build a fierce, strong, and lean body in a fraction of the time of body part splits! This is your all-in-one gym and home program to help you gain muscle and build a strong, lean body quickly without spending all your time in the gym. It’s a comprehensive program that only requires 4 days of 60-75 minute workouts each week. It’s your exact roadmap to build a lean and powerful physique you can be proud of. It also includes custom macro calculations so there’s no doubt in your mind about what and how much you need to be eating while working out. You’re going to get daily workout trackers, gym and home versions of the workouts, lifetime access to the female-only private Jessie’s Girls community, and so much more!

If you’re ready for a program that will help you look and feel your best without requiring you to live out of your gym bag, this is for you.

Get MBX today to build a competition-ready body in a fraction of the time.

Inside the program, I’m going to show you:

  • The 4-day “PPL Secret” to more defined glutes and new gains in just 12 weeks

  • The “Progressive Overload structure”  that encourages positive changes safely while challenging you physically and mentally, keeping you LOVING each and every single workout.

  • How to get an incredible workout in even if your schedule is packed to the brim and you don’t have a gym membership

  • The top 3 (+ more) macro hacks to help you lean out + build strong muscle in record time

  • The “Dynamic Restoration Secret” to build a strong and lean body without touching weights or endlessly running on a treadmill

  • How to get a sweat-drenching, muscle-pumping workout in even if you can’t leave the house

If you were to hire a trainer to help you with a Push + Pull + Legs workout program for 12 weeks, they’d likely charge you $50 or more an hour (on the low end).

That means with 4 days of training each week x 12 weeks, you’d be looking at spending $2,400!

That doesn’t even take into account all of the macro training you’ll get when you sign up for MBX.

Hiring a nutritionist to help you with your macro plan for 2 sessions would likely cost $200 on the low end.

Plus, you’re likely not going to have access to an incredible private group of badass ladies like you’ll find when you join Jessie’s Girls.

That means you’d have to pay $2,600 or more to get access to all of this outside of this program. 

Plus, you wouldn’t even have access to all the bonuses you get when you sign up!

I wanted to make sure that as many women had access to the tools to build their ideal body as possible, so your investment is only $89.99 today.

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Join the strongest female-only community!

The first time you purchase a Jessie’s Girls Training Program you become part of THE strongest, most badass and empowering women’s fitness community EVER…for life!  You will be added to the private Facebook page exclusively for Jessie’s Girls. The group is a friendly, safe, and amazing place to post your progress photos and personal updates, share information, ask questions, support other Jessie’s Girls and gain accountability as you become your personal best and help bring that out in each other. The community is here to hold you accountable and motivate you through the Jessie’s Girls programs and journey. Welcome, you’re going to love it here and we can’t wait to support you!

XO, Jessie


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What women are saying about Jessie’s Girls programs!

Heather D.
Heather D.
“I didn’t think I could get results with my working/toddler mom life, but this is perfect! It challenges me and gets my heart and muscles working.”
Becky G.
Becky G.
“I absolutely love Jessie’s Girls workouts! A year ago I would have been intimidated but now I grab the weights and kick ass!”
Lynne A.
Lynne A.
“It’s only been one week, and I feel so strong and empowered. So grateful for this new way of living and not just existing! I can’t wait to see more changes in my body!”

If you’d like to learn how to train like the Jessie’s Girls Push + Pull + Legs MBX workout program, you’ve got two options.

1You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and try to build a workout and macro plan that works for your body. You’ll likely spend a ton of time searching online not knowing what’s been tested and what will work for you.

2You can take action TODAY and get MBX. You’ll have everything in one place and know that it’s been designed and programmed by an actual IFBB Fitness Pro who’s helped 20,000+ women across the world get fit and live their best lives already.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“I don’t have time to be at the gym for hours every day. How many workouts are required per week for MBX?”

Girl, I got you! You’ll only have 4 workouts a week and you can do them from home or the gym when you start MBX!

These workouts can be completed within 60-75 minutes each and will help you become stronger, leaner, and healthier without living out of your gym bag.

“I’m not sure if this would work for me because I’m kind of new to lifting. Would this be a good place for me to start?”

Definitely! MBX is built around the Push + Pull + Legs platform which is suited for lifters of all levels!

This means it’s a perfect place for you to get started or to continue pushing yourself if you’re already a pro at this stuff!

You can use this to make great progress for many years and the progressive overload element ensures you continue progressing for as long as you do them.

“I’ve already gone through MB1 before and loved it! Is this pretty much the same thing?”

No way, girl! This is a completely updated version of the program you love, but you’ll be able to do it way less time and it doesn’t require you to go to the gym.

As you know, MB1 is based on the best way to build muscle, body part splits. 

The reason the split/schedule is demanding is in order to hit every muscle group 1-2 times per week, you need to be at the gym A LOT.

That worked well for me in my IFBB figure competition pre-kids days (those were the days!) but not anymore.

That’s why I’ve built this program around the next best thing to body part splits…

What is Push + Pull + Legs?

This allows you to get amazing results in a fraction of the time!

It trains every major muscle group in your body, it allows you to optimize volume, intensity, frequency, and recovery, and it’s easy to understand and program.

“I just want to lean out and see some definition. Will this help me with that?”

For sure! Inside MBX, I’ve added everything you need to build a lean and strong body.

Inside, you’ll have access to a 12-week plan that will show you the step-by-step process to building lean muscle with definition.

You’ll also have access to custom macro calculations designed just for you and your body goals.

MBX is your detailed plan to build lean, strong muscle with definition.

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