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Jessica Schiepan

I am so excited to be representing the Jessie’s Girls community as an ambassador from CANADA 🇨🇦. Born and raised in the small town of Rothesay, New Brunswick. I grew up with terrible self esteem UNTIL I fell in love with sport and eventually lifting weights.

My athletic career began in my 11th year of school when I decided “hey I think I’ll play hockey”, with very little skill I quickly fell in love with the game but especially with my team. My bestie and I loved to wear bandanas and call ourself the “bash sisters” 🤣. I continued on my path of athletic discovery trying out rowing next and quickly found I had a natural ability and competed nationally in my first year. I went on to row for my University where I studied Sports and Exercise Psychology. I went on to coach high school teams and eventually my old university crew. After drifting away from rowing I started a job as the club manager at a local gym and fell in love with lifting.

After falling in love with my now husband and moving to Ontario I picked back up with rowing and became the VP of rowing at our local club and coached learn to row. Once entrenched in the TEAM spirit I truly never looked back and my life drastically changed for the better.

I purchased my first Jessies Girls program as a new mom battling body image issues and loneliness. Becoming a Jessies Girl allowed me to FINALLY embrace my strength and size and discontinue my lifelong pursuit of shrinking. Learning to love myself and love other women has been life changing and something that I will be forever grateful to Jessie and this amazing girl gang for. Being able to represent Jessie’s Girls in an ambassadorship is an absolute dream come true for me. Helping other women to love themselves NOW and embrace their STRENGTH while pursuing health and fitness goals is pure magic.

  • GLPTI and Canfit Pro: Certified Personal Trainer

  • Darby Training institute: Kettlebell Coach

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself – “Coco Chanel”

Rice Chex with banana pancake vegan protein.

Tortilla with chicken and sugar free sweet chilli sauce.

My favorite Jessies Girls program is MB1. I love to focus on building strength and muscle by slowing
down and developing incredible mind muscle connection.