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Happy May, ladies!! It’s a brand new month – let’s make this one count. Warm (or stupid hot if you’re in AZ) summer months are right in front of us – don’t be afraid to take your HIIT and plyo outside! If you’re having any struggles making these daily workouts fit into your busy schedule, here’s a tip: Write down exactly when you are going to train in your planner or calendar. Schedule it like a hair appointment. We don’t miss those, right? So, WHYYYYY would you let your workout go? Make it a priority. I know life gets in the way sometimes, but only YOU know if you are being 100% honest with yourself about making it a priority or not.
Make sure you use the #jessiesworkouts on IG so I can see you killing it!  You can click on the exercise names below for a direct link to a demo. And don’t forget to use the comments section below each day’s workout if you have a question – I check in a few times each week to check for your messages XOXO
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