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2019 3K Challenge Registration


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The 4th Annual Jessie’s Girls 3k Challenge is here – Ready for the next 12 weeks of becoming your best self? I believe in you – let’s do this together!

It’s time to enter my 12-week Jessie’s Girls 3k Transformation Challenge!

I’m looking for 3 incredible women who are ready to become major motivators to women all over the world! 1 of the 3 will stand out to be chosen to inspire hundreds of thousands of women and #JESSIESGIRLS around the globe as the next Jessie’s Girls Ambassador.

Unlike most other challenges, the 3k Challenge is a 12-week comprehensive program including all of your workouts, custom macro calculations and a strong (and private) female community of thousands of women. Your program includes what your macros are for every meal, what your workouts are each day, the type and duration cardio and the recommended supplements you can take.

Plus, myself and my Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors are available to you 24/7 to answer your questions and keep you motivated every day during the 3k Challenge and beyond. Once you join the 3k Challenge – you are a Jessie’s Girl for life and get lifetime access to our private community.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey – from beginner to expert, to home workouts and full access to the gym – I have a program for you to follow during the 3k Challenge. By purchasing this 3k Registration only option, you’re a Jessie’s Girls App subscriber or already own the Jessie’s Girls E-book program you’re following during the 3k Challenge. 

If you need to purchase a Jessie’s Girls E-book program for the 3k Challenge, click HERE to switch to the 3k Registration + E-book Bundle product.

I hope you’ll join me this year in the best 3k Challenge yet!

XO, Jessie Hilgenberg

Out of stock


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