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Living the Jessie’s Girls lifestyle

So you’ve made the decision to become a Jessie’s Girl, but now you’re not completely sure which Jessie’s Girls Training Program you should try first – or maybe you just finished your program and now you’re not sure what you should do next. I get asked so many questions about my different Jessie’s Girls Training Programs – so I wanted to make it easier for you. I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all my programs in one location so that you can make the decision that’s right for you!

I designed every Jessie’s Girls Training Program to inspire you to love yourself, kick ass and live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. My programs are not the “quick fix get ready for summer” kind of programs. I crafted each program to give you confidence from day one to day 365. So if you’ve just completed a program, scroll down to see what program you should do next. Or if you’re new, check out all of the programs that I have to offer and jump right in!

Muscle Building 1

This Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building 1 program is designed for any woman who’s dreaming of quad sweeps and v-tapers. I’ve focused on building muscle to create the physique I have today, and this program is straight from my personal training journals from the past decade. Muscle Building 1 is a gym based 5-6 day a week program. If you are looking to start your Jessie’s Girls journey in the gym, this program is right for you. In this program, I give you everything you need to build muscle, carve off fat, and feel amazing. And get ready to eat, because this is no “burpees on the beach and eat kale” program. This program is all about helping you rid yourself of the nutritional guilt that comes along with calorie restrictive diets and poor eating habits. 

How to Build a Proper Foundation

Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building has adaptation and progression designed in the program, so you don’t have to guess at what works and what doesn’t – I’ve taken care of all of that for you. If you are searching for your first Jessie’s Girls Training Program, Muscle Building is where you want to start. Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building is all about teaching you the foundations.

You’ll learn how to lift with proper form, how to eat to gain muscle, and how to listen to your body to carve out the results you want. If you’re really looking to find a program that works and one that you can stick to, check out Muscle Building – the brand new, badass you three months from now will thank you!

JG40 Gym & Home

JG40 is everything Jessie’s Girls – muscle-building, fat-burning, and the strongest and most supportive female-only community out there. BUT this time… it’s made for even the busiest of schedules. You’re getting both in-gym and at-home versions of the workouts in one e-book so you can mix and match as needed. You will complete three, 40-minute full-body workouts each week. That’s less than 3 hours a week for seriously impressive results in a fraction of the time it normally takes! You’ll also get a free supplemental cardio and abs training within your e-book for those of you who want to kick up your training a notch. JG40 is how you fit your fitness and nutrition goals into your busy life. JG40 is 12 weeks of badass full-body gym and home workouts that you can get done in 40 minutes. It comes with optional HIIT cardio, a flexible dieting and nutrition plan, customized advanced macro calculator, and so much more.

Bikini Body 1

Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body is all about taking what you learned in Muscle Building, and applying that knowledge while completely switching up your training style along with starting in a small calorie deficit – designed to work toward a lean, toned bikini body (with muscle of course!).

While the Muscle Building program will give you a strong foundation and teach you how to lift hard and fuel your body, Bikini Body will help you shred fat to really show off your hard work from Muscle Building. Think plyometrics and lots of booty building in this program!

Changing Your Training up?

Bikini Body is all about supersets and drop sets, with booty shaping plyometrics. While I do suggest starting with Muscle Building, you can certainly jump into the Jessie’s Girls lifestyle with Bikini Body.

Muscle Building 2

Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building 2 is for those badass ladies who have finished my original Muscle Building program or Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body and want to keep building strength and muscle. Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building 2 turns up the fire with tempo training, reverse pyramid sets and all new workouts. These new and more advanced techniques build on the foundation you set up for yourself in my original Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building Program.

How to Build an Even Bigger Foundation

Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building 2 is a great opportunity for ladies to reverse diet up to their new caloric needs after working in a deficit during Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body. Don’t let the name fool you, Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building 2 is not just a new set of workouts, but rather an entirely new and advanced way to approach your training. Everything you learned from Muscle Building and Bikini Body will be the foundation to kicking your body into high gear with Jessie’s Girls Muscle Building 2. If you have never done a Jessie’s Girls program, but have been lifting consistently and have a solid foundation of perfect (and I mean perfect) weightlifting form, then by all means start with Muscle Building 2.

Bikini Body 2

Jessie’s Girls Bikini Body 2 is for those ladies who’ve finished my original Bikini Body program and are ready to kick it up a notch and continue along your fitness journey. If you loved (or loved to hate) the supersets, drop sets, and plyo in the original Bikini Body program, get ready – this program is as badass as the original.

How to be a Strong and Powerful Badass

If you follow the progression above, from Muscle Building all the way to Bikini Body 2, you will have completed a year of Jessie’s Girls, and I promise you’ll love every second of self-love, self-appreciation, and the joy of knowing you are a strong and powerful badass. While you can jump into anyone of my programs, starting with Muscle Building and finishing with Bikini Body 2 is the natural progression from Jessie’s Girls newcomer, to advanced Jessie’s Girls badass.

Home Edition

Jessie’s Girl’s Home Edition program is great if you can’t get to the gym, but you still want a kick-ass workout and nutrition plan! This program is most popular amongst busy moms who struggle to find time to make it to the gym but still want to get in the best shape of their lives. Don’t let the title fool you though, this program is as intense as every other Jessie’s Girls Training Program!

If you are struggling to find time to get into the gym, or your have some gym equipment lying around the house, Jessie’s Girls Home Edition is the perfect training program for you. While many of my fitness training programs start with Muscle Building as the foundation, my Home Edition program can be your first experience into the Jessie’s Girls training lifestyle.

Prenatal Edition

Jessie’s Girls Prenatal Edition is for all of you amazing ladies who are getting ready to welcome a new child into the world. I wrote this program during my own pregnancy so I could personally experience every month of training along with you! In order to have your happiest and fittest pregnancy possible, I’ve split this program into nine phases of training taking into account how your body changes throughout your pregnancy. This program is also written so you can start at any time during your pregnancy. Jessie’s Girls Prenatal Edition will help you with your workout splits, sets and reps, and your macros to help ensure that you enjoy your pregnancy and help set you up for the ultimate post-baby body comeback!

Just like my Home Edition, you don’t need to have completed any previous Jessie’s Girls Training Program prior to starting my Prenatal Edition. But, you have not done any weightlifting before or have been absent from the gym for a long time, pregnancy is not the time to start learning the ropes about proper weight lifting or following a brand new training program. Always discuss your workouts and programs with your doctor.

Start Today!

No matter where you are on your fitness journey – I’m so excited that you’re interested in the the Jessie’s Girls lifestyle! I promise each program is completely worth it, and I want you to begin your journey of self-love lift heavy, fueling your body and self-confidence. Well… what are you waiting for??? Grab the program that’s right for you and start living the life you want!


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