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As many know, I have always limited my team to a very small number of women. I have never been a “quantity over quality” coach and, therefore, have had to put hundreds of women (including you) on my never-ending waiting list. On top of that, my growing fitness career and family keeps me so busy these days that I just do not have the time to take every single one of you amazing women that apply. I see all of the applications come in each day and my heart breaks every time knowing that it will be so long until I can coach you, if ever. I want so badly to guide you and be there for you as you become the BEST version of you that you have ever imagined! So, this e-book is my solution to offering my coaching in an affordable and attainable way to everyone.

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12 reviews for Jessie’s Girls – Bikini Body 1

  1. Erin (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved Bikini Body! I have been lifting for many years, but felt stuck in a rut with my workout routine. This program introduced me to a plethora of new moves and splits, and helped me to trim down after months of holiday binging. Lost several inches all over, and was definitely bikini-ready for a spring break trip after finishing this program!* Loved how I was able to continue adding weight to my lifts each week by following Jessie’s progression scheme. I also thought the layout for cardio was perfect…just enough to see results without complete burn-out. But ultimately, my favorite aspect of this program was the nutrition piece. I learned so much about how to fuel my body properly for the hard work I was putting in at the gym. It outlines a simple plan that I will continue to follow for life! Finally, the book gives you access to the Jessie’s Girls Facebook page, for which I can’t say enough great things! Being a part of the group is a game-changer…I learn something new every time I read through the posts and continue to be inspired daily by all the girls involved!

  2. Amyleed (verified owner)

    I just completed Bikini Body and am so excited to say that I’m finally seeing some physical changes after hitting a plateau. The workouts are fantastic and I always felt like I killed it in the gym even if I couldn’t increase the weight as often as I should. The nutrition plan actually teaches you how to eat, rather than giving a cookie cutter plan to follow. I think Jessie wrote a solid plan and I love the Facebook group with 1000+ women who support each other through this journey and we’re ladies of all different shapes and sizes working towards our health goals.

  3. Cathryn

    As someone who has been lifting weights off and on for several years, I’ve always been searching for more – something all-encompassing that explained the gym aspect as well as the nutritional aspect. Jessie’s books (both this bikini body and muscle building as well) not only helped me finally grasp my personal nutrition, but she also introduced me to new moves in the weight room – and for such a reasonable price I feel like it’s robbery! With these books also comes a built in set of friends via the Facebook group. You can’t ask for a better package deal than this! She explains in compactly yet clearly and offers great insight into nutritional and supplementation. Thank you, Jessie!

  4. Karyn (verified owner)

    I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt compelled to share that this book was not only thorough, but challenging and fun at the same time. It taught me that the body needs food (and a good amount of it) to perform. I’ve increased strength and had muscles popping that I didn’t know exist. The support from the Facebook group and Jessie…YES, Jessie herself..not someone pretending to be her, is the most valuable part of the program. No question is wierd, strange or embarrassing….everyone truly wants to see everyone succeed. Best investment in myself ever!!!!!

  5. Jessie (verified owner)

    I love, love, love this book! I have been looking high and low for a program that was tailored for me and this is it. Plus the support that you get with the online community is amazing! I am so excited to finish this program and get the home edition too! Thanks Jessie for believing in all of your girl’s!

  6. Andria (verified owner)

    I am a 37 year-old mother of two children. After I had my second child after age 30, my body simply did not want to bounce back to its previous shape like many of the other mommies I knew. Frustrated and in-experienced, I began my fitness journey 6 years ago. I started by taking aerobic classes, running on the treadmill for 45 minutes each day, and eating things like garden burgers and dried fruit. As I continued my journey I began to work with a personal trainer who advised me to lift heavy 6 days a week -while wearing a 25lb vest, do 40 minutes of cardio 6 days a week, and eat 1,200 calories including chicken, fish, broccoli, and asparagus. Bieng a nurse who worked 12 hour shifts, I was dying. I started to hate working out and I started to hate food. Body changes were minimal in that year and a half. I wanted to give up. I knew there had to be a betyet way. I saw Jessie on Bodybuilding.com. I saw how quickly she bounced back from her pregnancy. I thought this girl is the real deal. I decided to give one more program a try so I purchased Jessie’s Bikini Body. At first I was scared to try her diet. No one had ever shown me this method before. It wasn’t the usual low calorie, low carb, boring diet I tried with every other program. I knew the workouts were no joke. I decided to trust her program after all of the results her Jessie’s Girls followers were making. I am currently in the middle of Phase II and I have new muscles I didn’t know existed, I have lost inches in those stubborn areas, and I am in love with food again! And, the best part is the private group of Jessie’s Girls who are there for you any time of day!!! I have finally found the right program that works. I can’t wait to try each Edition!!!

  7. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I cannot explain how amazing this program is. Jessie you are a genius, not just because you wrote a tough effective and enjoyable program but because you empowered all of us all to love our bodies and make change happen in a sustainable life long way. I love this e book and I love all the amazing Jessie’s girls that I have been influenced and inspired by along the way, especially by Jessie herself. Thank you!

  8. Rachel (verified owner)

    I’m half way through this program and I am LOVING it! I feel more empowered each and every day as I become stronger both physically and mentally; I am no longer afraid of the weight room and I am developing a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life! I can’t wait to try the other programs! Thank you Jessie!

  9. Rachel (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this book and Jessie. I am so grateful she took the time to write this book and make it available for everyone.

    I was fighting to regain muscle and lose the excess fat I had put on from having my two beautiful girls ages 3 and 1. This book is written so all the guesswork is taken out. I was finally able to drop about 10 lbs of fat over the course of 12 weeks and have achieved a leanness that I’ve never seen in my body before.* I actually get emotional because I’m so grateful that I found a plan that worked for me.

    Buy this or any of Jessie’s books. You can achieve anything if you’ll put in the work. And joining the Jessie’s Girls Facebook group is so helpful and inspiring. I’m so glad I did! Thank you, Jessie!

  10. Nsfarmer10 (verified owner)

    I’m in the second phase of bikini body and am loving it! I never thought that I could ever do something like this on my own! And now I will be competiting in July. This has been a great experience and can’t wait to purchase every other ebook! It has taught me not only how to count macros but also taught me discipline and goals and how to trust the process. I love how I always have energy and have a little more freedom with what I eat but in a healthy way! The workouts are simple but yet at the same time it tests your ability and makes you stronger every week! Always a challenge:) Each and every day you feel more and more stronger and empowered. With having everything you need right at your finger tips and knowing you have thousands of women to help and encourage you every day is the greatest feeling. The Facebook page is such a helpful tool as well as if your a member of the website you have access to tons of other exciting things! With being hard headed and not wanting to listen to a trainer, Jessie has made me open my eyes and has inspired me each and every day! I love bikini body and can’t wait to do this process all over again!

  11. SQUICK (verified owner)

    I have spent SO much money on “trainers” and programs to tell me how to achieve this body! I even went as far as to get my own certification! But none of that taught me what I learned with this book and from our support group! Jessie taught me to adjust my own macros as needed without eating what someone tells me! And the support group… They are so awesome!!!! I learn something from them EVERY single day! All for 80 bucks, it’s mind blowing! No more throwing money away for me!!!

  12. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This program was a life changing for me. I’ve struggled since high school with body image issues. I’d dread going clothes shopping and often I would end up sobbing in the dressing room because I hate how I looked. Upon purchasing this book I knew I was taking steps in the right direction of living a healthier lifestyle in addition to feeling better about myself mentally. When purchasing the e-book you have the opportunity to join a private Facebook group which is an amazing group in itself. Over 2000 women who are there to support and encourage you even when you feel at your worst. I started feeling better about myself mentally and emotionally before I even started following the program by just being a part of this amazing fitness family. Jessie walks you through how to calculate out your macro and micro nutrients to help fuel your body properly. It seems like a lot (especially with the idea that less food is better continually being drilled into the female brain), but really trust the process. The results are absolutely amazing. To me Bikini Body is great for beginners that are looking to initially lean out. Within weeks I lost inches.* I can’t thank Jessie enough for creating a program like this for all women. I’m a proud Jessie’s Girl for life. <3

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