4 Boring Foods That Kill Your Meal Prep Game and How To Avoid Them

2020-01-28T13:54:55-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition|

Who really likes to eat tilapia, broccoli, and chicken for every meal? Finding meal prep ideas for muscle gain can be hard, but the beauty of flexible dieting, aka If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), is that it allows us to be flexible with what we eat so we aren’t stuck with the same four boring [...]

How To Eat Carbs + Grow Your Glutes and Stay Lean

2020-01-28T13:54:55-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation, Nutrition|

You have killer leg/glute workouts week in and week out, but you're just not seeing those booty gains that you've been working SO hard for. You have that summer vacation or wedding coming up and you want to build lean muscle without packing on the unwanted fat. All of the talk about how carbohydrates are bad [...]