Happy 5 Years Jessie’s Girls!

2019-11-05T12:30:23-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation, News|

Last month was our five year birthday, can you believe we have been flexing and macro hacking together for FIVE YEARS?! Kandace and I hugged, took some really fun photos to forever cherish the milestone and celebrated with an epic finish to the #FLEXWITHJESSIE Challenge, plus the launch of the newest Jessie’s Girls program, [...]

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NLA For Her Cocoa Pumpkin Pancakes

2017-11-22T16:47:39-07:00Entrees, Free Recipe, Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition|

  Cocoa Pumpkin Pancakes Pumpkin, chocolate, pancakes… a combination made in heaven! Bursting with fall flavor, protein and fiber, too! It's a great way to get some “hidden” protein into your diet. Wondering the trick for perfectly cooked pancakes? Heat slowly over even heat. Try topping these delicious cakes with sugar-free chocolate chips and syrup. Fats to [...]

Pumpkin Bread

2018-10-16T13:54:18-07:00Free Recipe, Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition, Treats|

You are going to love my pumpkin bread! It is one of my favorite post leg day treats. Packed with NLA for Her protein and post-workout carbs so you can recover faster and keep those gains coming. Muscle gains have never tasted so good :) Pumpkin Bread I just love how easy this pumpkin bread recipe [...]

Interview with a Jessie’s Girl: Danielle Clegg

2018-06-07T14:29:33-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation|

What is your favorite Jessie's Girls Training Program? Asking me my favorite program would be like asking a mom which kid was her favorite. If I have to choose one, I would go with Muscle Building 1. I've completed it four times and keep going back to it. The workouts always make me feel like a [...]

Interview with a Jessie’s Girl Ambassador: Heather Dahlenburg

2018-06-07T14:33:21-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation|

  What was it like doing the Jessie's Girls Prenatal Edition? The Jessie's Girls Prenatal Edition was amazing! While I didn't get sick during my pregnancy, I did feel exhausted early on, which is expected when you're growing a new human (aka the ultimate body-building). With the Prenatal Edition, I was able to get a full, [...]

Tracking Macros vs. Calories: Which Matters More?

2018-08-01T10:19:16-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition|

Calories over macros, macros over calories. Which one really matters more? Counting calories has been the “go to” for the diet world for a long time. It’s simple, calories in – calories out. But is it really the best way when trying to carve out your physique? You have heard me say this before, if you [...]

5 Ways To De-Stress When You Don’t Have Time For Yoga or A Bath

2018-04-24T08:31:01-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation|

Stress. It’s something that we all experience at some point in our lives and something that we can’t always get away from. Sometimes, there is no way around it. It may be a short lived situation, but other times, it may be long-lasting and could become chronic. Chronic stress negatively impacts your physical and mental health [...]

My Body is Not A Calculator: Should I Track my Macros?

2018-05-03T12:33:53-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition|

Tracking Macros is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. It allows you to enjoy all sorts of yummy foods like the picture above (which my the way you can find the recipe HERE).1 It is a way to keep track of how much food you are putting into your body, without any crazy restrictions on [...]