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2016 Sponsorships

The beginning of this year started off in such a positive and exciting way for me – I am so grateful!

This year, I’ve had the privilege of renewing my contracts with both Bodybuilding.com and NLA for Her. I have always been passionate about fitness and sharing this passion with others. These two companies have given me a platform to help encourage and empower women on a larger scale than I was able to do before.

NLA for Her was started in 2012 and has been revolutionizing female fitness ever since. As women, we are total beasts, but supplements are typically created with the potency to be able to work for the 200+ lb male athlete. This can lead to the supplements being too strong and/or too stimulant-heavy for the average female in the gym. NLA for Her noticed this necessity for women in the supplement industry and has developed high quality products that not only work amazingly well, but taste fantastic, too!

Their preworkout supplement, Uplift, is hands down my favorite preworkout out there. The taste is amazing (my favorite flavor is Guava) and it allows me to have energy for my workout and increase my intensity while lifting, without the crazy side effects. Have you ever felt like your heart was going to explode after taking a preworkout and like you needed to hide in a corner? This product will NOT do that. It is the perfect combination for women. Another one of their products I cannot live without is the Her Aminos. Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are the building blocks for muscle, so not only do these aminos come in the best tasting flavors out there (watermelon is my fav), but they help you build and maintain your muscles. They are stimulant-free so you will see me with aminos in my water almost the entire day. A company that feels as strongly about supporting women as I do is a company that I am so privileged to be a part of. So happy to be with them for another incredible year – my 5th year with them!

Bodybuilding.com is another amazing company and I am so happy to be in my 4th year as an athlete with this incredible company. So many of the qualities that I appreciate about NLA for Her are qualities that are shared with Bodybuilding.com. The customer service you experience is unlike any other. Caring for customers and making sure they are satisfied is a top priority. Not only is the customer service phenomenal, they go beyond being a just a supplement company. Many people have started their fitness journey through the helpful articles, tools and free programs they provide on the website. Bodybuilding.com is also a company that gives back to the community in a HUGE way on a regular basis. If you have been to Boise, ID, you may have had the opportunity to see or enjoy one of the free, outdoor park gyms that they have built into the community. The list is endless for what this company does for people. I’m so proud to be a team Bodybuilding.com athlete!

These two companies support my vision and message for women – which is to be empowered, healthy, active, and to know that women RULE THE WORLD 😉

You will find so many examples of strong and powerful woman with both of these companies – many of which are mothers, daughters, sisters, competitors, power lifters, triathletes….the list is endless. I support these companies and all they do and that support is given right back to me. This is something I am so grateful for and most of all it has brought so many wonderful people into my life….including YOU!

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