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Hey ladies! I’ve been doing all I can to equip you with awesome home workouts while we all stay home. Know I’m always thinking of you and finding ways to continue supporting your home fitness journey!

In case you missed it here’s all the home workout options you can do with Jessie’s Girls right now:

These programs can be done using bodyweight and minimal equipment. Here is a list of the workout equipment that each Jessie’s Girls home program references, and below that are the links to several finds!
  • Bench, box , or step (a chair or sofa can work too)
  • Medicine ball (but we have many substitutions for this with bands and/or heavy objects found at home!)
  • Bands (see links for the different types below)
  • Exercise stability ball (linked below)
  • Pull-up bar (a doorway version or safe and secured bar that will hold your bodyweight)
  • Jump rope for cardio (you can substitute with an air jumprope or alternate form of cardio – our Jessie’s Girls private online group has TONS of suggestions!)
  • Of course, dumbbells are great if you have them (but almost everything can be substituted with bands)

Recommended Home Equipment Links

Here are the simple and low cost home equipment options we have found available on Amazon (UPDATE: I try to update this list weekly incase things become unavailable due to COVID-19. As of April 22 the below items are all available.)

So many of you ask about the toddler play dumbbell set I show in my videos, here’s that link – they are so fun!

Want to lean more about the Jessie’s Girls training programs?

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