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So many of you have asked me what the difference is between becoming a member of my website and purchasing a Jessie’s Girls Training Program eBook. Does purchasing one mean you have access to the other? Here it goes ladies, I’m going to lay it all out for you so you have ALL the deets! 🙂

Becoming a member of gives you an all-access pass to my personal fitness advice! You will have access to my Q&A board (this is the perfect place to ask me your personal fitness and nutrition questions) where I post my responses to you in real-time, categorized into fitness topics so you can always go back and search for our conversations. You also get my response sent directly to your email address. Also included in your membership is my daily workouts, bonus workouts, recipes, and Ask Jessie videos. Each Monday, I upload a daily workout for you for every day of that week. These are workouts that I do, along with the option to click each exercise name, taking you directly to my YouTube channel where I have a video of me performing that exercise so you can learn the correct form. Each month, I film my own workouts for you to watch, follow along with, and be inspired by. You can find this under the Jessie’s Bonus Workouts sections

We all know a killer workout needs to be supported by nutrition. When you are a member of my website, you get all of my recipes! The ingredients, a picture, and EVEN the macros are posted just for you and your taste buds!

Now, lets talk Jessie’s Girls Training Program eBooks – the only way to become an official Jessie’s Girl! I offer 5 training programs: Bikini Body, Muscle Building 1 & 2, Home Edition, and the Prenatal Edition. Whether you are preparing your body for summer, a competition, a baby, or just day-to-day badassery… I give you the tools you need to reach your fitness goals! The best part of becoming a Jessie’s Girl with my eBooks, is gaining access to the private Facebook group (buying an eBook is the only way to gain access to this group). Here, you will be (virtually) surrounded by thousands of other Jessie’s Girls who are all working towards similar goals! We share transformations, recipes, happy moments, inspirations, ANYTHING surrounding our fitness journeys! If you have any questions about your program, this is the place to post it, and you get instant responses from the other Jessie’s Girls and me! Each program provides my macro calculations for YOUR personal macros, a 12-14 week workout regiment, and exercises that are challenging and efficient [plus supplements, check-ins, and macro adjustments]!

Both the membership and becoming a Jessie’s Girl by purchasing one of my Jessie’s Girls Training Programs compliment each other when utilized at the same time, but purchasing them separately gives you the chance to personalize your plan as needed. I always recommend utilizing both, just because they each bring something different, but together you get the most out of having me as your very own personal trainer and motivator!

Also! Many of my Jessie’s Girls utilize the membership workouts in between Jessie’s Girls Training Programs and/or while reverse dieting!

Through my membership and Jessie’s Girls Training Programs, I have built a community and support system of motivated, positive women who have come together to truly better themselves. I am SO proud of each of you and look forward to being right there with you through your fitness journey.

I hope this blog has been helpful in helping you decide between becoming a Jessie’s Girl or joining my website – OR BOTH!. For more information check out both sections:


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