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Jessie’s Girls 3K Challenge Wrap-Up

She greeted me with a tear-filled hug when I met her at her home in Tennessee. With help from her husband, I surprised my first Jessie’s Girls 3K Challenge winner, Courtney Dykes (who won in my Bikini Body Program category), with a giant check for $1,000 and a swag bag filled with NLA for Her & Bodybuilding.com supplements and Jessie’s Girls apparel. The Jessie’s Girls 3K Challenge began on January 11, 2016 and lasted 12 weeks. Once the challenge was completed, I chose 24 women to have a chance at winning a surprise visit from me to their hometown, $1,000 and swag from NLA for Her and myself. The women were required to complete their Jessie’s Girls program while documenting their progress. Each contestant provided a photo revealing individual progress from each phase of the program, submitted a video summarizing their experiences and motivation for taking on the challenge, and a paragraph on “what it means to be a Jessie’s Girl.” With help from public voting at 3k Challenge, we narrowed the top 24 women down to three winners. I surprised the second challenge winner, Jocelyn McClellan (Home Edition), at the Venetian in Las Vegas. She lives in Dallas, Texas, but was on vacation with her family in Las Vegas. She had no idea she had won when I surprised her in her hotel room. My third and final winner, Heather Dahlenburg (Muscle Building), from Sacramento, CA was an especially fun one. We ordered pizza and followed the delivery guy to her house. Not only did Heather receive a pizza, but was also startled as I came darting out of the bushes with a huge check. What a weekend! I endured numerous flight delays and layovers, but I returned home with full heart. I owe a special thanks to the winner’s families; I couldn’t have surprised these girls without their help. I am so proud of ALL the girls who completed the Jessie’s Girls 3k Challenge. My social media feed was FILLED with inspiring stories and photos, surrounding each contestant’s journey (check out the hashtag #jessiesgirls3k). I hope that these women have gained the confidence and motivation to keep going with their new lifestyle. Knowing that I’ve helped some of these women make drastic improvements to their life is so rewarding. I love what I do, everyday! Look for one more challenges later this year and, of course, another Jessie’s Girls 3k Challenge in 2017!

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