Happy 5 Years Jessie’s Girls!

2019-11-05T12:30:23-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation, News|

Last month was our five year birthday, can you believe we have been flexing and macro hacking together for FIVE YEARS?! Kandace and I hugged, took some really fun photos to forever cherish the milestone and celebrated with an epic finish to the #FLEXWITHJESSIE Challenge, plus the launch of the newest Jessie’s Girls program, [...]

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Tracking Macros vs. Calories: Which Matters More?

2020-01-28T13:54:53-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition|

Calories over macros, macros over calories. Which one really matters more? Counting calories has been the “go to” for the diet world for a long time. It’s simple, calories in – calories out. But is it really the best way when trying to carve out your physique? You have heard me say this before, if you [...]

My Body is Not A Calculator: Should I Track my Macros?

2020-01-28T13:54:54-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation, Nutrition|

Tracking Macros is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. It allows you to enjoy all sorts of yummy foods like the picture above (which my the way you can find the recipe HERE).1 It is a way to keep track of how much food you are putting into your body, without any crazy restrictions on [...]

Coffee Creamer Alternative (Instead of Cream and Sugar)

2020-01-28T13:54:54-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition|

When you’re not tracking macros consistently, what you take in can really add up. Sugar intake, for instance, can get out of hand fast. The amount of sugar that the average person takes in each day is increasing, and it’s causing more problems than we think. A major source of added sugar comes from beverages like [...]

4 Boring Foods That Kill Your Meal Prep Game and How To Avoid Them

2020-01-28T13:54:55-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Nutrition|

Who really likes to eat tilapia, broccoli, and chicken for every meal? Finding meal prep ideas for muscle gain can be hard, but the beauty of flexible dieting, aka If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), is that it allows us to be flexible with what we eat so we aren’t stuck with the same four boring [...]

How A Strong Community Can Change Your Life

2020-01-28T13:56:18-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation|

  It’s easy to set goals around losing weight, building muscle or increasing strength. It’s easy to jot down on the calendar the workouts for the next three months and how you plan on achieving your goal. The set-up and the planning are the easy parts. Staying consistent on the road toward your goals...that’s where things [...]

How to choose the right Jessie’s Girls Training Program for you

2020-01-28T13:53:05-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation, Training|

  Living the Jessie’s Girls lifestyle So you’ve made the decision to become a Jessie’s Girl, but now you’re not completely sure which Jessie’s Girls Training Program you should try first – or maybe you just finished your program and now you’re not sure what you should do next. I get asked so many questions about [...]