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It’s easy to set goals around losing weight, building muscle or increasing strength. It’s easy to jot down on the calendar the workouts for the next three months and how you plan on achieving your goal. The set-up and the planning are the easy parts. Staying consistent on the road toward your goals…that’s where things get a little more challenging.

The days you just can’t muster the motivation to go train. The days you slip up on sticking to your macros. It starts with one day, and then the next thing you know, it’s been a month of half-assed workouts and macro tracking. In order to achieve our goals and be the best version of ourselves, nothing can be half-assed. We must always use our full asses… #glutegains! Staying on track is hard. Studies show that the biggest key on the ring of success is finding a community of like-minded people who can help motivate during those trying times, and also create a bond with others in that community.

Let’s Look at the Statistics

Over the span of a five year period, researchers from the University of Colorado followed over 60-thousand participants from a program called Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) to see how the community atmosphere impacted the weight loss goals of its members. In that study, researchers learned that in the first year, half of the participants saw significant weight loss. During the second year of the study, 80 percent had success in keeping the weight off. In the successive years to the end of the study in 2010, about 90 percent of the participants were still maintaining the weight loss1.

The study concluded that members of a community who participate on a consistent basis, can attain success and maintain their new lifestyle changes. The community provides support, motivation and accountability for all of its members.

The Jessie’s Girls Family

To be a Jessie’s Girl is to be a part of a community that will show you immediately that you’re not in this alone. There are different programs and different end goals, but despite those differences, there are over 7-thousand women here to love and support you on this amazing journey. These women band together to help keep each other motivated and to hold one another accountable for the day’s workout, or final macro numbers for that day.

Need Advice or Support?

Do you need advice on form or exercise alternatives for when life gets in the way and you may not be able to get to the gym, or when you don’t have a certain machine that a workout calls for? Workout tips and help with form when it’s needed, or which training program would be best for you to do after you’ve finished one of the others. The Jessie’s Girls Community will always have your back. If you’re feeling stuck, and it’s something that the group can’t really answer, don’t worry because I’m there to help and support you too, with the Ask Jessie section of the Membership! Not to mention, I’m also a very active member of the Jessie’s Girls Community and am there to answer questions when the group or my Ambassadors can’t answer.

Once a Jessie’s Girl, Always a Jessie’s Girl

Being a Jessie’s Girl means that you have forever become a part of an amazing, judgment free group – because once you’re a Jessie’s Girl, you’re always a Jessie’s Girl. We all have our highs and lows, and we’ll celebrate those highs with you, like when you nailed your macros for that day, or shared that fabulous Flexie last Friday. We are here for the highs and lows of your journey to becoming the best version of yourself you could ever imagine!

We’ll give you our shoulders to help you on those tougher days. The days when you miss the gym, run out of steam on plyo day, don’t pack enough food for the day, or end up in the Target dressing room feeling like you’re never going to hit your goals while trying on swimsuits.

Jessie’s Girls are there for each other through it all. Building each other up, empowering each and every member. This is why the women in the Jessie’s Girls Community find it so much more attainable to stick with it and keep their aim on their target and find success in their new lifestyle changes.

To become a Jessie’s Girl today and join the Community, click the button to purchase a Jessie’s Girls Training Program and request to join the Facebook group today! Only those who purchased a training program can join the Facebook group, so grab your training program and get plugged it!



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