What to Eat When Breastfeeding

2020-01-28T13:54:20-08:00Jessie’s Blog, Pregnancy|

Nutrition during your pregnancy is so important to ensure that you’re giving your baby the best nutrients possible for optimal growth. Once you have your baby, if you choose to breastfeed, it is actually just as important to watch what you are putting into your body when you are nursing. Sometimes, women tend to forget that [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Bounce Back After Pregnancy

2020-01-28T13:56:35-08:00Jessie’s Blog, Motivation, Pregnancy, Training|

It’s completely okay to want to be the healthiest and fittest mama you can be, but women have been talking about "bouncing back after pregnancy" or losing their "baby weight" for decades. Is that the right way to go about postpartum fitness? Why is it the social norm for moms to try so hard to “get [...]

Why Pregnant Moms Can Still Work Out And Be Badasses

2018-06-08T07:16:11-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Pregnancy|

  Congratulations on becoming a new mama! Or if you’re like me, congratulations on another little one! You are growing a tiny human – if that’s not completely amazing then I don’t know what is! You probably have a lot of questions about working out while pregnant, what you can and can’t do, how this pregnancy [...]

2nd Trimester Leg & Back Training

2018-06-08T07:24:18-07:00Jessie’s Blog, Pregnancy|

  The definition of an impediment is “an obstruction in doing something.” This made me laugh, because it is so literal right now with this growing bump! With such a large “impediment” to maneuver around (and protect with my life) – I have had to modify my exercises quite a bit! Staying fit and maintaining muscle [...]