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You’ve got a new Jessie’s Girls Training Program and can’t wait to get started! As excited as you are, you’re feeling a little reluctant to share your enthusiasm about this new adventure with your partner at home, and maybe even your family…sound familiar? I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with getting our partner on board with our “eat all the carbs,” several-days-a-week workouts, healthy lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with a little bit of positivity, and hard work, incorporating a healthy lifestyle into our family life is simple. Check out five ways that will help you and your plus one integrate a more healthy lifestyle that you both can support.


Communication; the word we hear about all the time in relationship building is just as important in our fitness journeys. Be positive and open about your plan and goals. Avoid phrases such as, “You never support me in anything,” or, “Why can’t you just….” Instead, focus on all of the amazing things that come with living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Change those phrases to, “I feel so much better after my workout!” or, “It was so nice to see you at the gym tonight.” So, pump up the positive!! Good energy is contagious!


Tracking macros is amazing because you can enjoy the same foods as your family…in moderation, of course! With IIFYM, instead of eating your own mini-meal while everyone else is enjoying family dinner, you can be flexible and join in the fun (and let’s not forget delicious…duh!) family time. Macro-Friendly meals can be so fun to experiment with! Be creative and find healthy and delicious options that you both enjoy. Don’t forget, you can save a few macros and have a glass of wine now and then with your partner, too!


Encourage your partner to take a walk after dinner on nice days. Go for a hike or family bike ride. Suggest a game of catch or kickball in the yard or local park. Fitness doesn’t have to just be confined to a gym. Get out, get active, and have some fun!


Not only will your short term goal setting motivate you, it will help keep your partner on board and understand your needs a little more; but be SURE to communicate those goals. If your partner knows you’re working toward a personal record in squats in a few weeks or you’re trying to stay on track with your macros, the gains will come not only in your body and booty, but also at home.


Your partner may not support your fitness journey simply because he/she just doesn’t get it! And, sometimes the way we explain it just doesn’t come across clearly. GOOD NEWS!! That’s where I’m here to help! Passing this blog on to them can be another step towards helping them get on board and understand why your fitness journey is SO important to you! If you want him/her to understand WHY you absolutely HAVE to get to the gym and can’t miss a workout, why you insist on eating a late night snack to fill those macros…reading about this is typically a more effective way to learn and understand than talking about it. In fact, check out my video on the four things us girls want our guys to know about women and fitness. WATCH IT HERE. Remember that our fitness journey can be shared and enjoyed by you AND your partner! The Jessie’s Girls lifestyle can benefit everyone at home. If you need extra help and support…the Jessie’s Girls Community and I have your back! Check out all of the Jessie’s Girls Programs and find which one is best for you and your goals!


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