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We’re so getting close to Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), and no matter where you are the best part of the holiday season is gathering around the table with family and loved ones!

That feeling you get when you sit down to a meal and everyone enjoys the conversation and and company over a meal is one that that you can do anytime of year.

You can go all-out and prepare everything yourself or make it no-stress and involve your guests in a potluck-style evening (ME).

Your gratitude task this week is to host a gratitude meal — a meal in honor of your closest friends, family, significant other, teachers, or neighbors to show your appreciation for each other. You pick the size and style of the meal but be the one who opens your home and initiates the gathering.

When you sit down to dine, lead your guests in a round table discussion where each person expresses the best part of the day. This exercise is a favorite at the Hilgenberg holiday table! It’s so much fun to listen to the toddlers and teens describe the best part of their days 🙂

To help you plan a few dishes, we wanted to share these yummy Fall favorite recipes that are perfect for hosting a gathering (hint, hint – this could be your entire Thanksgiving spread!):

    1. Oven roasted rosemary and lemon chicken
    2. Stuffed portobello mushrooms
    3. Carrot ginger soup
    4. Blueberry raisin bread pudding

We can’t wait to hear the amazing stories that come from your gratitude dinners!


-Jessie + Kandace

P.S. We want to hear about your experience, comment below and tell us all about it!


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