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Holiday season is here again! Mom’s turkey, Grandma’s pie, Auntie’s casserole, brother’s beer contribution ???? … It all needs to be consumed! How do we enjoy all the holiday treats and tradition without overdoing it, and getting off track? Let’s chat about the tips I live by that have helped me stay true to my personal health goals through the holidays.

1. Treat it like any other meal. You are kicking ass and of course you can and should enjoy the holiday! Try not to view Thanksgiving as one, big meal that will destroy all your efforts so far. You can still eat turkey and gravy, stuffing and casseroles (and, honestly, if you track your macros you can have Thanksgiving year-round)… just practice portion control. Do a little work ahead of time so you know what 4-5oz of turkey, 1 cup of mashed potatoes and 1/4 cup of gravy looks like on a dinner plate. You can get totally detailed and even measure out how many gravy spoonfuls equals 1/4 cup. It’s not crazy…it’s just being prepared. And it’s how I’ve stayed on track through the holidays year after year. Will you be exactly measured out during dinner? NO. Here’s my advise – CHILL OUT! Enjoy your family, enjoy the holiday and enjoy the food. If you put that little bit of prep into it the week before, you will feel so much more at ease knowing how many spoonfuls of gravy to dish out of the gravy boat to stay roughly within your macros.

2. Adjust your macros around to make sure it all fits. Don’t starve yourself all day in order to get all your macros in at Thanksgiving dinner. All that does is make the day hard and post-dinner uncomfortable. Make a few, small adjustments to the 4-5 meals before dinner to make them smaller than usual. For example, if a regular meal’s macros are 25g protein/35g carbs/15g fat, shave a few macros off to make it around 15g protein/20g carbs/7g fat. That way, you’ll have a lot of macros left over for Thanksgiving dinner … and Grandma’s pie for dessert will be worth it!

3. Get that workout in! Keep up with your training schedule. Take 45 minutes out of your morning or before you leave for the day, and do your Jessie’s Girls workout with intensity. Earn those macros, girl! If you don’t have time for a full Jessie’s Girls Training Program workout, log into your JessieFitness.com membership and do one of the daily workouts!

4. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated and getting your 128 oz of water in on Thanksgiving day will help you stay on track. Not only is water a key component of health, it also helps you feel full longer and more quickly. It can help you avoid actually eating more than your body needs, which we all know counts during holiday meals. Drink up!

5. Have fun. Enjoy the day with family and friends. If you go over on your macros, get right back on track the next day. It happens to me, too! Forgive yourself for that extra piece of pie for one day and just keep kicking butt, girl!

Have an amazing holiday, XOXO

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