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Los Angeles Fit Expo Wrap-Up

I just got home from sunny Los Angeles, California and what a weekend it was. I love being able to go to fitness expos throughout the year, especially when they are somewhere warm and sunny, and of course the LA Fit Expo was definitely no exception. This weekend was fun and exciting, and was made even better by all of the beautiful faces I got to meet. Some of you I got to be reunited with since seeing you last year at the La Fit Expo and others I got to meet for the first time.

Being able to be at the NLA for Her booth for these events is amazing. Not only do I get to represent a great company with my favorite supplements (which by the way, the endless supply of aminos definitely helped me keep my energy for the entire expo), but it gives me the opportunity to meet so many awesome fans face-to-face. We have so much fun keeping up with each other through different social media outlets, and it is a great way for us to all support each other, but I wish I had more opportunities to meet and hug each of you in person. This weekend was a little more special as well because it wrapped up the Spokesmodel search and I got to welcome two more team mates to the crew. How fun was watching all the finalists on stage this weekend?! Congratulations to Michael and Katrina for their hard work and being the new 2016 Spokesmodels!

Our #JESSIESGIRLS world is growing every day, which continues to blow my mind, and I am so excited to meet as many of you as I can at fitness expos and Jessie’s Girls Training Camps. This year is going to be amazing! I hope you all know how much I appreciate you coming to see me and how much I love meeting your beautiful families (bring your babies!!). When you all take the time to stop by and see me and share your personal stories with me, I feel truly honored to get to share in those moments with you. It is great it is to be able to talk about topics we all share in common and are so passionate about. Fitness and being able to motivate and inspire other people to be more active is something I am very passionate about and these weekends bring us all together which is so amazing. Being away from my little Sammie can be hard but thank you all for making it so fulfilling.

XO, Jessie Hilgenberg

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