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We’ve made it through the first month and a half of 2016 and I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled to be getting back into a normal schedule after the holidays and I am looking forward to warmer months!

As you may know, February is National Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women in the United States. 1 in 4 deaths is caused by heart disease every year. These statistics are very scary and all too real for me. I lost my dad to sudden cardiac arrest 7 years ago, so this topic is beyond important to me and close to my heart. I want to bring awareness to this disease along with AED awareness. Knowing how to use an AED and being aware of their locations, saves lives daily in many circumstances. If there had been an AED near my dad, it would have saved his life. Help me spread the word and help me make a difference this month in changing these statistics. We can make small changes in our lives to help prevent heart disease in our families.

Here are two things I do in my day-to-day routine that are good to be incorporated into yours as well:

1) I keep an eye on my sodium intake. Seasoning foods with tasty flavors other than salt in your diet can make a big difference

2) I make physical activity a part of my everyday life and encourage others to do the same. These two examples are small changes that can be easily implemented in our lives and truly make a difference. For more ideas and suggestions on how to bring awareness and make our lives healthier, please visit the American Heart Association website.

You will be seeing something new in my shop this month – check out the new “Love Yourself” T-Shirt. This is an important message that takes an active effort for some of us and practice and is something we can forget. What a better way to share such positivity and remind ourselves of this needed love by this perfect new shirt. SO…get one for yourself, get one for your friend, get one for your momma, get one for your mailman, but most importantly…don’t miss out before they sell out!

XO, Jessie Hilgenberg

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