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It’s no secret that I love lifting weights, and I love lifting HEAVY. It makes me feel strong and empowered, but it also helps my body feel good and my mind feel healthy, and I want that for all of my Jessie’s Girls. The fitness lifestyle can have positive benefits both physically and mentally that can bleed into all other aspects of your life. Not only does lifting weights improve physical appearance, it can help with mental clarity and physical health down the road.


What happens to our bodies when we start lifting heavy weights? One thing that many people are surprised by is that muscle is more dense than fat, which means you’ll feel more shredded and lean, but the scale will read a higher number than you’re used to. This is a GOOD THING! Especially since having more muscle on your body means that you burn more calories during the day than when you have less muscle. All of that hard work you’re doing in the gym means MORE when you’re lifting heavy weights.

The Future You

Not only is lifting weights good for the here and now, it also sets you up for good health down the road. Ever notice that you sleep better when you’ve had a good, hard workout during the day? I have. Better sleep leads to more energy during the day, and if you’re consistent in your workouts, your body will benefit in the long run. As women get older, bone density becomes brittle and it can really affect you as you age. It’s common knowledge and most women come to expect it, but in actuality, if you’re treating your body well and lifting weights, your bone density will be much better down the road.

Working Out and Happiness: The Mental Benefits

Can you imagine having the confidence to conquer all of your fears, and not just the ones centered around the gym? There is a sense of empowerment in what you’re doing at the gym, and that sense of empowerment can help your overall confidence grow into something that helps you in all aspects of your life. It’s true when they say that when you look good, you feel good. Lifting can give you both!

You Will Thank Yourself (Now and Later!)

It can be incredibly intimidating to step outside of your comfort zone and do something new. When you decide to do just that, the “beginner” you will eventually turn into the “pro” you at whatever it is you’re doing. By that time, you’ve conquered fears, overcome obstacles, learned that you’re strong and capable and that you can do hard things. If you can do this in the gym, you can do it ANYWHERE. The fitness lifestyle can help you become the best version of yourself.

Among many things, the fitness lifestyle has helped me to become better all the way around. I learned that if I really want something, it is going to take some HARD work and dedication and that’s not easy to do without being organized and disciplined. With that comes goal setting; lifting and managing your health requires long and short-term goals, and that can help give purpose and meaning to your life. You don’t have to just sit back and let life happen to you! When you feel more in control of your body and your mind, it’s way easier to be a more positive and happy person.

As you can see, working out and happiness go hand-in-hand. We all want to feel healthier and be the very best version of ourselves that we can be, and the fitness lifestyle and throwing up heavy weight consistently can give you something that will help with that in big ways. I promise, that by being proactive about your health now, you will be so grateful to yourself years and years down the road. Always make yourself proud.

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