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It’s that time of year again where goal-setting for a “new you” is the number one priority. But we all know what happens after a few weeks – our motivation slowly gives way to old habits. Once we get back into the routine of our normal lives, we have a hard time sticking with what we think will make us happy. And what do we end up doing? Giving up – and hating ourselves because of it.

But it’s not your fault! What we don’t realize is that New Year’s resolutions are inherently guilt-ridden. Think about it, every year we shame ourselves into thinking we can be better, do better, and achieve what we want by hating what we have done in the past. I think goal setting is great, but the way in which we go about it for New Year’s is just plain wrong.

Instead of viewing the new year as a chance for another stab at unreached goals, let’s focus on something much more important: loving ourselves. Learning how awesome you are can lead to AMAZING results in all parts of your life.

So ditch the habit of self-shaming, and learn to love yourself more; and by doing so, you’ll learn that you can achieve all of your goals with small, incremental, self-loving change!

  1. Focus on you. It’s great to find inspiration in other women, but sometimes we compare ourselves to others instead of focusing on our progress. Concentrate how far you’ve come and where you want to go.
  2. Smile at yourself. Whenever you see yourself in a mirror, don’t judge the way you look, but smile because this is you – no one else can take that away.
  3. Use positive words to describe you. A lot of ways you describe yourself can be said in two ways: positive or negative. As easy as it might be to describe yourself using negative words, I challenge you to use the positive version.
  4. Acknowledge your awesomeness. None of us start at zero. Be proud of what you can do, and build on it. Build on strengths, work on weaknesses.
  5. Find one moment to be thankful for every day. Happiness can sometimes be hard to find every day, but by finding at least one thing you are grateful for, you can slowly change your outlook on life.
  6. Send love to others. A great way to love yourself is to show love to others. Cheer on friends and fellow Jessie’s Girls when they accomplish something, and send them love when they’re down. Let others know you’re rooting for them!
  7. Celebrate small wins. And when you accomplish something in your life, you should celebrate too! High five a friend, do a happy dance, or take a selfie – celebrate where you are today!
  8. It’s ok to ask for help. Sometimes we get down on ourselves because we don’t know how to start something or what the next steps should be. It’s ok to be clueless! We’ve all been there. Plenty of people are willing to get you started on whatever path you want to take if you don’t know where to start.
  9. Accept that things happen. Even when we try our hardest to stay positive, bad things do happen. And sometimes we just need to accept it. Process the bad, acknowledge it, do what you must to resolve it, then focus on working toward the good.

Remember, it’s all about the journey. The biggest way to learn to love yourself is to know that you’re on a journey. Whether it’s a fitness journey or your life journey, you should focus on what is happening here and now. Know that you always have a chance to set yourself up for success.

Your journey toward self love starts with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Take the first step to build on what you are capable of by signing up for a monthly membership to receive daily workouts, full-length workout video routines, macro-friendly recipes, and access to me!


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