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Well… summer is coming to a close and kids are going back to school. In my case, my little girl is going to school for the first time! Sammie started Montessori school this week, and I find myself having to get into a new routine. How does every other mother out there do this every year?! Not only did I cry, but I also felt like my day was completely different. My eating schedule was off, and I was not finding the motivation to work out.  Our kids going to school affect so many things! I am happy to say most of us have nothing to worry about, and our kids come home excited about the start of the new year, and then realize it was harder on the moms than it was on the kids. Try to stay in your routine. Still prep your food, go to the gym, get work done, because when they get home you are going to want to do nothing else except stare at their faces and spend every last minute with them before bedtime. We need to continue to be strong for our kids. They are okay, and so are we. Get out there and crush your workout… the time will go by faster. Get all your meals in, and when your little one or ones get home be confident that you made the best out of the day, and are ready to relax and do it all over again tomorrow 😉

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