How to Build Confidence in the Gym

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  Have a gym membership? Great! Gyms give you access to tons of equipment day and night, every single day of the week. Resources are literally around every corner, and there is nothing stopping you from reaching your fit goals – except maybe one thing. Your confidence level. Gym anxiety and low gym confidence are extremely [...]

Fitness Camps for Women: How to Get Motivated to Kick Ass!

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  We've all heard about boot camp classes. You know the ones where you grab your girlfriend early in the morning, rush out the door, and get your butt kicked for an hour by doing a huge amount of cardio. You always leave invigorated, but exhausted at the same time. And after a few weeks of [...]

Jessie’s Girls Ebooks or Website Membership – Which one should I do?

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So many of you have asked me what the difference is between becoming a member of my website and purchasing a Jessie’s Girls Training Program eBook. Does purchasing one mean you have access to the other? Here it goes ladies, I’m going to lay it all out for you so you have ALL the deets! :) [...]

Sweep The Competition With Your Quads

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When designing a program to develop quad muscles, I commonly run into two issues. 1. Many people are quad dominant— meaning, even if you are training your hamstrings or glutes, you can’t help but feel more quads during these exercises. This is great if you are trying to build your quads, but troublesome if you want [...]

Lululemon + Jessie’s Girls Classes: February 2016

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Love Yourself! When Lululemon approached me to ask me to be their guest instructor for the month of February this year - I was thrilled! And even more excited when they told me their theme through February is "Love Yourself." How fitting for my fitness mission :) I'll be teaching a 45-minute class every Tuesday night [...]

HIIT – Workouts & Tips to Maximize Fat Burn

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard all the ways that high intensity interval training can benefit you and your training. But, do you know why that is? Are the days of steady state, long duration cardio on the StepMill over? Some experts would say so. I’ll let you decide. The hardest part about steady state cardio [...]